WristReview and Delma Watches are proud to present to you all a very special giveaway contest.

The Castello Automatic Chronograph is the perfect timepiece for the urban adventurer. The sleek contours of the case, available in stainless steel or black PVD, underscore the Castello’s sportiness and dynamism.

The high-class mechanical ETA Valjoux 7750 movement with a 48 hour power reserve and automatic winding ensures precision. The transparent case back affords an insight into the pulsating inner workings of this highly distinctive, mechanical timepiece. The “Côte de Genève” gracing the movement emphasises the individual appearance of the model. The watch is water-resistant to a depth of 200 metres, making it the ideal timepiece for the sporty gentleman.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article). In your comment you have to mention how many watches you’ve purchased in the last year.

2. If you are chosen as the winner, then you must be willing to do a short review of the watch which will be published here on, Twitter and Facebook.

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on March 11, 2014 for the winner to be chosen at random.

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There’s just one of you that can win one of these brand new watches from Delma! The winner will be contacted via email.

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You can only enter once.

You must sign up with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen.

All submitted comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. The watch will be shipped by Delma to the winner of this giveaway. Any profitable taxes or customs charges that may occur are paid by the winner!

Jury is represented by WristReview and Delma Watches.


The prize:

Castello Chronograph 41701.610.6.014

Castello Chronograph 41701.610.6.034

Castello Chronograph 54701.610.6.034

Castello Sport Chronograph 41702.610.6.014


Castello Sport Chronograph 41702.610.6.034

Castello Sport Chronograph 54702.610.6.034

The winner can choose from one of these models.

Good luck, and thanks to Delma the sponsor of the watch giveaway here at!

  • Anders Segerlund

    bought 1 watch recent year

  • Jason

    3 watches

  • I’ve bought 1 watch last year..

  • Watchguy

    7 watches

  • Brian S

    2 watches

  • watchcollector

    I’ve bought 11 watches last year.

  • John C

    5 watches

  • Paul A

    4 watches

  • Suburban Idiot

    I bought 2 in 2013 & looking at 1 right now!

  • Urom

    2 watches

  • chris t

    I have brought one watch in the last year. Great looking watches love the styling apon royal oak lines with a fresher look.

  • Alan

    14 watches

  • KillerWhale

    1 watch

  • HW

    1 watch

  • Olle Bröms

    1 watch

  • Ted

    6 watches

  • Christopher Evans

    Lost count how many last year:), but this year so far 4 and 1 on the way ( and a pre-order waiting) and always lookin’ 😉


  • Omar

    1 W A T C H

  • German Lopez

    The past year was a slow one for watches and I was only able to get 2. This is one heck of a prize. Thanks wristreview and Delma.

  • nycwatch

    13 Watches

  • Dash

    I purchased 10 watches in the past year.

  • Sergei

    3 watches last year.

  • Jon Walmsley

    6 watches for me last year

  • Goran

    I have purchased 2 watches last year.

  • Alvin

    I bought just 1 watch last year but I’d love to win this one!

  • Vladimir

    First of all I would want to thank you for this giveaway!
    I bought 6 watches last year…

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I bought 3 watches in the last year.

  • Sven

    I purchased only 1 watch last year.

  • Mikael

    none this year but looking!

  • Mario

    1 watch last year

  • Roger Himelstein

    2 watches.

  • Ilovewatches

    4 watches!

  • Daryl

    Purchased 3 watches last year.


    Only 1 watch last year.

  • Ivan Kiskinov

    1 watch recent year

  • Bob

    7 watches recent year.

  • Sebastian Hultén

    Sad to say, but I only bought 1 watch during this last year!

  • Christopher T

    4 watches!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I bought 2 watches this past year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Gurra

    I bought only 1 watch last year!

  • Faiz Rahman

    I bought 2 watches this past year.

  • Leo

    3 watches.

  • Park-W

    I bought 4 watches last year. I still like them all and I long for more !

  • guy

    I bought 6 watches last year.

  • JamesP

    I purchased 2 watches as Christmas gifts last year.


  • Amir

    Just 2 watches last year!

  • edward newton

    Just the 1 watch in the 27 years!

  • Stephan

    I purchased 3 watches last year!

  • Simon

    I bought 2 watches last year.

  • Rudolph

    I bought 14 watches last year.

  • Mr. D

    5 new beautiful watches last year. And I hope that Delma will be the first watch of year 2014 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

  • Karl Schmidt

    9 watches!

  • Asim

    I bought 1 watch last year.. 🙂

  • Danny

    I bought 3 watches last year.

  • T-Rex

    2 watches!

  • Harald

    1 watch last year!

  • FishGuy

    5 watches!

  • Jones

    7 watches…

  • Joseph D

    Last year I bought 1 new watch and won another watch at

  • MotherRussia

    4 Watches!!!!

  • John Rowell Prado

    I bought 1 watch last year.

  • ned b

    I bought 4 watches last year.

  • Speedy Gonzales

    No one! 🙁

    But I would buy 1 new watch every day if I could.

  • Al

    I have purchased 2 watches last year!

  • Steven Spielberg

    7 watches.

  • Eric J

    4 watches..

  • Peter

    2 watches bought this year and one rebuilt…

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Leonadis

    I bought 8 watches last year

  • Phil

    I have not purchased a watch in the last year – and I that my series continues and I win this beauty, which would be my first mechanical watch! An absolute dream of a watch that would get me off to a great start in collecting mechanical watches.

  • WatchLover

    16 watches!

  • Emelie

    I purchased 2watches last year. I would love win one of These watches from Delma.

  • Mr.China

    I have bought 9 watches last year.

  • Brett Robinson

    Just discovered this site – what a great read! I added 1 watch to my modest collection last year – a Delma chrono would be a wonderful addition 🙂

  • Oscar

    I bought 8 automatic entry level watches last year.

  • Mike

    I bought 3 watches last year.

  • Mehmet

    I have purchased 3 watches in the past year.

  • David Bunzow

    I have purchased 2 watches in the past year.

  • Phillip

    I added 4 watches to my collection last year

  • Michael

    Love the style. I’ve bought four watches in the last year.

  • Peter K

    I have purchased 6 watches in the past year.

  • Mike Dalton

    That’s a great looking watch! I’ve bought two in the last year 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Hasse

    I’ve bought five watches in the last year. Great Giveaway contest!

  • Rich S

    Just getting started in the world of watches. 1 new watch purchase in the past year!

  • Marcus S

    2 watches!

  • Bob Hudson

    This has been a rough year so I have not purchased a watch, which is
    hard for me, since I love fine automatic chronographs and dream of owning
    a chronograph someday.

    My wife accuses me of being a watch “snob”, which I consider a compliment
    you see she doesn’t understand the connection I have for luxury wristwatches.
    I have owned a 1959 Hamilton Pacer, an Omega Speedmaster, and still
    wear my late father’s Omega automatic. (however I replaced the twistoflex
    band that he put on it – yuck!)

    So I would love to win the Castello Automatic Chronograph, and I appreciate
    this opportunity to win one.

  • Daniel Stevens

    5 watches…

  • Neal

    Love the look of this watch. I have not purchased any new watches this year and would love to have a new one.

  • Mr.Black

    16 watches

  • Darren

    I bought 2 watches last year.
    My goal is to build a decent collection 1-3 pieces per year.

  • Adam F

    I bought 11 watches last year.

  • Struan Stringer-Wright

    I’ve only brought two in the last year, I feel I’m under performing in that regard…

  • Peter P

    8 watches

  • Samantha Hill

    I haven’t purchased any watches in the past year.

  • Matt

    I’ve purchased 1 watch!

  • Richard B

    Well I’ve bought 3 watches in the last year. Thanks

  • P.Mohammad

    18 watches!

  • Rick

    Two watches.

  • Billy

    Four watches!

  • Kalel “Superman” Diki-Kidiri

    2 watches.

  • LP

    22 watches…

  • Jairo

    Just 1 watch, but many to choice.

  • JJ

    one watch!

  • Jake

    I’ve gotten only 1 watch.

  • Gio

    Five watches!

  • ruth

    10 Watches!

  • gary

    seven watches!

  • Jacques Pollenus

    I bought 3 watches last year

  • Brian L

    I bought 8 watches last year.

  • Petrov

    3 watches!

  • Jonathan

    I bought 1 watch last year.

  • Alejandro M

    4 watches!

  • Nick

    2 watches.

  • Marc

    Only two watches…

  • Patrick Bassanelli

    I bought 5 watches last year!!!!

  • John Lee

    I’ve bought one watch over the last year

  • Bigfoot

    I’ve bought seven watches the last year

  • Jonas N

    3 watches!

  • Lester

    I’ve bought 15 watches last year…

  • Anthony

    6 watches!

  • Sam T

    Six watches!

  • Mustafa

    8 watches…

  • Watch Dude

    I’ve purchased 3 watches!

  • Joel

    Two watches.

  • Raffaele


  • Albert H

    Two watche s

  • Sean

    I bought 3 watches last year!

  • Rick

    6 watches.

  • EpicWatcgGuy

    11 watches!

  • Panerai Lover

    Eight watches

  • canadian bacon

    1 watch…..

  • Ivan Stojanovski

    1 watch!

  • Cháng

    I bought 6 watches last year!

  • Edward Wilson

    2 watches

  • Pablo Vargas

    I’ve bought four watches over the last year

  • Lamar

    3 watches!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Dennis

    8 watches.

  • Joe

    Bought 4 watches last year

  • Andres

    I bought 4 watches last year!

  • Petrovic


  • Gabriel M

    I’ve purchased five watch!

  • Ramin

    3 watches…

  • Bernard

    12 watches

  • Joseph Torino

    3 watches.

  • Philippe


  • Raymond

    4 watches…

  • Thomas K

    2 WATCHES…

  • Vicent


  • Lucas H


  • Isaac


  • Hugo


  • Emanuel

    6 watches

  • François

    I bought 1 watche last year!

  • Peros

    4 watches

  • Andreas


  • Helmut

    Only 1 watch

  • Sandra

    Two MK watches! 🙂

  • Felix S

    2 waches

  • Benjamin

    Only 4 watches last year… 🙁

  • Raymond Langer

    I bought 1 watch last year. This is an amazing watch!

  • penemio

    I purchased one (a Seiko diver watch).

  • ivel1977

    I haven’t actually purchased any in the past year.


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