Rotary Watches Aquaspeed range originally launched at the beginning of 2009, this impactful collection of sports watches has cemented the company’s position as a market-leader and designer of sports timepieces.

115 years of family watch making have resulted in the re-introduction of a sports-led collection. Inspired by models originally launched in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Rotary Aquaspeed collection underlines the company’s commitment to broaden its portfolio beyond a pure dress watch collection. As the oldest remaining family owned and run Swiss watch brand, Rotary Watches’ portfolio now includes timepieces that are suitable for all manner of sports and feature functions such as helium pressure gauges, aviation slide rules and rotating divers bezels in both watch and chronograph options.

The new additions to the range take the Rotary Aquaspeed collection further into the arena of specialist sports watches. Using plating options such as stainless steel and black ion plate, the collection has a distinctively sports-led feel and the addition of rubber straps ensure optimum comfort for the wrist.

As with all Rotary watches, each model is covered by the unrivalled lifetime guarantee and each of the Aquaspeed models is also impervious to water thanks to the company’s patented waterproof standard.    


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Jury is represented by WristReview and Rotary.


The prize:

Rotary Aquaspeed Chronograph


Case Material: Stainless Steel
Case Dimension: 46 mm
Movement: Swiss Made Quartz
Features: Chronograph
Calendar: Date
Dial: Black w/Orange
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal
Band Material: Stainless Steel
Retail Price: $499



Good luck, and thanks to Rotary Watches the sponsor of the Aquaspeed Chronograph watch giveaway here at!

  • awatchlover

    Nice watch! I’ll wear it with pride!
    I love how everything melts together in a perfect combination.
    The colors on the markers in the dial and the bezel goes really well with the rest of the watch.
    Rotary was founded 1895.

  • watchnerd

    A really nice sport watch with great details! Rotary was founded 1925.

  • Kyle

    This watch offers everything that I would want a watch to have.
    I think that Rotary was founded in 1892.

  • mr.horology

    Firstly, I must say this is a great blog for all watch lovers. A very big Thank you for giving us this.The watch is very well executed model. I had never heard of this brand before. I will be very delighted to win this. I think Rotary was founded 1895.

    Wish you all goodluck.. and fingers crossed.

  • nycwatchlover

    The watch have a great modern and a sporty feel to me. Definitely attractive yet functionally busy dial. Rotary was founded in 1899.

  • Joshua Flagg

    I like the black and orange, a colour combination not seen that much. The spec is pretty good too – Swiss Made, sapphire crystal and decent stainless steel bracelet, and a big beefy size to it.
    It says on the Rotary website that they were “Established in Switzerland 1895”.

  • Andy

    This is an awesome looking watch, Bulky and sporty! Established in Switzerland 1895.

  • peter85

    The color scheme is gorgeous so is the watch. Love the mix between steel, black and orange.

  • Chris255

    Everything goes well together! Rotary was founded back in 1895.

  • David Garner

    This is a beautiful watch. I would love to own one.

  • Nima

    I love this watch! Rotary watches was Est.1895


    Rotary were established in 1895. Watch is durable and very wearable.

  • spacejam

    This is a sexy watch all the way!
    Rotary were established in 1895.

  • German L.

    I love the orange color contrast of the markers, really makes it pop out. I believe Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • JohnM

    The watch is a example of good craftmanship.
    The colours work in a harmony of perfection.
    Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • RGM

    Personally I like BIG watches , and as for the colours Rotary uses in this watch I believe they work well together. Rotary was founded in 1895 in Switzerland. I liked both on FB.

  • Johnson

    Sporty, bulky and sexy!
    Rotary watches established 1895

  • Jairo Dussan

    A good- looking sport watch. Attractive Black dial with no less attractive orange-colored elements makes this watch perfect for sport and even for casual dress.

    Rotary watches established 1895

  • Simon

    Very nice in every way! Rotary was founded in 1895

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I think the watch is perfect for diving. Especially because of the colors combination. Black and orange. It seems that orange is the best choice for divers, can be seen very good under the water. I love it.

    Rotary Watches Ltd was established at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by Moise Dreyfuss in 1895.

  • Dan

    The watch is like no other! It offers everything that you could want from a sports/divers watch. Rotary Watches was established in 1895

  • sithlord

    The color combination is just amazing! Rotary Watches was established in 1895.

  • Alexander H

    This is a watch that every man should wear on his wrist!
    Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • Daniel

    I like how the colors interact with eachother… Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • Marcus L

    Very nice watch! Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • Joe

    The combination of the colors works very well together, also the pushers and bezel. Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Anthony K

    This watch is all about sport, diving and endurance. Love it! Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Jonathan

    This model from Rotary carries the DNA of how a watch should look like for men. My answer for the second question is: 1895

  • HW

    I can see my self in this watch!

  • watchspotter

    All the details are done very well! 🙂
    color combination! Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • MarkJ

    Timeless, sporty and sexy!

  • moe

    Timeless! rotary was founded back in 1895

  • rolexguy

    All the colors work perfect together!

  • Richard

    Rotary, a watch as elegant and simple, as it was for me to google the year Rotary was established (1895).

  • Polo

    The black and orange display is perfect with the steel! Rotary was founded back in 1895.

  • Stephan

    This watch strikes with its design a perfect balance between an elegant watch, diver’s watch and a pilot’s watch. Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Paul

    I like how the design elements melts in together in a perfect watch!
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Martin

    I truly appreciate the look of the watch. Not only does it look well-built and sturdy, it also combines classic elegance with modern and futuristic colors, looks and shape. I love how the classic subtle colors blend perfectly with the brighter more screamy and appealing colors. This watch is a safe choice and can never be wrong. It looks as good to that fancy suit as is does to that casual t-shirt 😉 This is a watch you never want to take off so running late is no longer an issue with this Rotary on your wrist!
    Rotary Watches Ltd was established in Switzerland, in 1895.

  • Jason

    Very nice!
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • N.L

    The majority of the people who have left a comment on this site have all been praising the coloration of this beautiful watch. I think there is a reason to that, which is deeply rooted i our way of understanding colors. A subconscious understanding that is based on instincts.

    In nature, the word aposematic coloration, is a term that is used for animal species that uses strong and visual colors in relation to their environment to intimidate potential agressors or predators. They use these colors as warning signals so that potential predators will keep their distance. These animals are usually toxic, such as Poison dart frog or the common wasp. Common colors that are associated with aposematic coloration are yellow, blue, red and oh yes orange and black.
    Unlike camouflaged animals aposematic colored animals are often very cocky because they know nobody can touch them. They stand out amongst the crowd and instead of hiding from predators they tend to run around and show themselves such as to say, “touch me if u dare”.
    I dont know if Rotary chose this coloration for this reason or not. I doubt it. Perhaps though, the developers of this watch did it subconsciously, to give the watch a cocky look so that the watch wearer could stand out amongst the crowd and make himself visible as the proud wearer of this watch that he should be.
    Rotary was established in 1895!

  • therotaryguy

    The steel, the black, the orange and the size = Masculinity
    Rotary was established in 1895

  • Doug P

    A very interesting watch!
    The black & orange contrast is pretty sweet, and unusual.
    Rotary was founded back in 1895.

  • Mr.Tall

    Having the dial a contrasting color seems to make it easier to read, and more interesting looking. Rotary was established in 1895

  • J.H

    The color scheme is fantastic!
    Rotary was established in 1895

  • Mark

    I like in fact that this is a active watch that we can use in every moment.

  • Ralph

    The look, the waterproof system and the colors. Rotary was est. 1895

  • Michael

    The colour combination is perfect! Rotary was established in 1895!

  • Faiber Castro

    Attractive blend of colors. Sporty
    Rotary 1895

  • Ponduz

    Absolutely love the watch!

  • Bruce

    In a world of bland and generic Swiss timepieces, the Rotary Aquaspeed Chrono makes a bold and and energetic statement.

    From the Rotary Aquaspeed’s eye-catching and easy to read color contrast dial, to its rugged sapphire crystal, this Rotary is a “must own” for any Swiss sports watch lover.

    The Rotary Aquaspeed Chrono is a proud evolution of quality and style tradition of Rotary timepieces since its founding over 100 years ago in 1895.

  • Marko

    This is a beautiful watch! I would be thrilled to own it!
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • JamesP

    I like the orange & black design and sporty dial.

    Rotary was founded in 1895.

  • Lobsterguy

    A very nice looking watch, with a unique style!

  • Kunal Naik

    Rotary was established in 1895.

    Nice sharp colors with very visible bezel markings. A great case design although I felt like the strap could have been a bit wider and less tapered. A nice piece nonetheless.

  • Joe A

    This watch can be worn on all occasions!
    Regardless if you like to dive, to be active or go on fine dining…
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Joseph D

    Just a quick look at the watch is all you need to get to know that Rotary was founded a long time ago, the year was 1895. How is that possible? Because many years’ experience is required to create a spectacular watch like this one.
    Everything on the watch – such as the colors, shape, size and so on – matches perfectly. The black dial seems to be a perfect backdrop for the orange markers and hands, it’s easy to see the time while diving in the dark. This is actually a watch that looks much more expansive than it is. But the best thing with this watch is: It’s a “ROTARY” watch. I wouldn’t just wear it when diving, I would wear it every day….every moment.

  • Chris W

    I think the watch is very well designed! Rotary was introduced in 1895

  • David Bunzow

    This watch is nothing short of true beauty! I love the stainless steel on black with orange accents. Rotary must be doing something right as they are the oldest family-owned Swiss watchmaker. Founded in 1895 by Moise Dreyfuss, the crafters continue to place attentional to detail and first-class quality at the forefront. I would be proud to wear this watch on any occasion and it would be an absolute honor own this timeless piece of Swiss craftsmanship.

  • FR

    It has all the elements that are needed for a great dive watch…
    Rotary was founded in Switzerland in 1895

  • Richard Baptist

    I really love this watch! What I love about this watch is the orange highlights on the dial, I would like to see the lume on this watch. I also love the Rotary watch waterproofing that allows you to swim and dive all day with the watch. The watch is waterproof in all conditions except extreme diving, this shows a level of build quality that the company has achieved. Also to top is all off, I love that Rotary stands behind their product with a life time warranty.

    Rotary was founded in Switzerland in 1895

  • Steven

    I like everything about it!
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Greg L Hall

    1895 – The colors on the markers in the dial and the bezel make very easy to accurately gauge the time

  • MJ

    Amazing watch! 1895

  • Abdulla Asim

    Absolutely Stunning design, and I like the sporty dial. been a big fan of the company and it’s amazing product line. Love the domed Sapphire Crystal and stainless steel material. The aesthetics and premium feel of this watch is incomparable. Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Skywalker

    Very sporty and stylish watch!
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Mohamed Samih

    Rotary Watches classic and stylish timepieces. Meticulously considered. Precision crafted. The orange shines brightest on the circular face through the domed Sapphire Crystal — it’s color-matched perfectly.The Rotary Aquaspeed Chronograph watch is really designed to complement.

    Rotary, Established in 1895.

  • EoS

    Sexy all the way!
    Rotary was established in 1895.

  • Ivan Kiskinov

    A watch with a fresh sporty look, its own style and distinctive design

  • Raymond Langer

    I love the look of the stainless steel and black ion plate. It goes well with the stainless steel. Rotary is a great Swiss watch company that was established in 1895.

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