Interview With The Louis Moinet CEO

Jonathan Kopp: Is there anything you would like to highlight for the WristReview readers related to your current models or collections?

Jean-Marie Schaller: Stay with us and I can’t wait to introduce the Louis Moinet chronograph to you. It will be launched just before Basel 2015. For the moment, we are very excited to launch the exceptional 20-second Tempograph that has drawn a lot of interest already. 

Jonathan Kopp: Let’s talk now about the future and your various market. As Louis Moinet is a niche brand, which are your largest markets currently?

Jean-Marie Schaller: The area from Moscow to Muscat. Russia and the countries around it, the UAE and other Arab countries.

Jonathan Kopp: As I can understand your current strategy but looking forward, what are your goals for the company over the next few years? 

Jean-Marie Schaller: Our goal has always been to revive the Louis Moinet name in its original and artistic spirit. If we think about numbers, we would like to reach 1,000 watches a year. It is a level where we can still keep the same level of exclusivity. Louis Moinet must remain one of the most sought-after name in watchmaking.

 Jonathan Kopp: It’s also important! We will finish by mentioning the future … First, the future of the models. You probably have already ideas about future complications to come in the next models… What can you tell us?

Jean-Marie Schaller: We are working on different models based on the traditional mechanical art. These models incorporate particular and special functions. A new emotion if you like. I believe this is what you would call “revisiting a classical watch heritage”.

Pic 5 - Tempograph

Jonathan Kopp: Moreover, Louis Moinet is an icon for the watch industry, as he created the first chronograph nearly 200 years ago. Following the story of this great watchmaker, what can we expect in your next collection?

Jean-Marie Schaller: You’ll have to wait and see!

Jonathan Kopp: I can’t wait!

Obviously, over the past couple of years, changes in the global economy have had a significant impact on the watch industry. Aside from the changes in the economic climate, what do you see as the most significant challenges for various brands over the next few years? 

Jean-Marie Schaller: It depends on their sizes. On one side, Tissot has more to fear from the Apple Watch than we do. On the other side, small independents have increasing difficulties to reach a critical size enabling them to cover their costs. And of course we live in an unpredictable world. What is true today is wrong tomorrow. We must remain true to ourselves, and be as flexible as possible.

Jonathan Kopp: As we approach the end of this interview, are there any other things you would like to bring to the attention of our readers? 

Jean-Marie Schaller: In the past, mechanical watches were sought after for their functionality. Minute repeaters for instance, were used during the night, at a time when electricity did not exist. Today, mechanical watches don’t serve this purpose any longer…time is everywhere! Instead, they became works of art, like you will enjoy a Modigliani, an Aston Martin. And this is why we, manufacturers, must never forget the most important of all things: to make people dream.

Pic 6 - Lady Watch

Jonathan Kopp: Now just some question about you…

Do you consider yourself as a watch collector? If so, what would one find in your collection today?

Jean-Marie Schaller: I am a stubborn watch collector, collecting from one artist only.

Jonathan Kopp: What do you personally look for in a timepiece?

Jean-Marie Schaller: The same that what I am offering to our customers: magic.

Jonathan Kopp: Finally, what do you feel is the next big trend in the watch industry?

Jean-Marie Schaller: I think we will see many different directions in the years to come. I feel that we are at a crossroads. Many brands don’t know exactly in which direction they have to go. Finally, it is important for all of them to have their own personality and do the best of it.

Jonathan Kopp: Mr.Jean-Marie Schaller, Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer us. It was a real pleasure.

Jean-Marie Schaller: It’s my pleasure, thanks a lot for this interview.

Pic 7 - Side of the Vertalor

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