Introducing The New Hysek Furtif Chronographe Grande Date Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

One of the most sought after watch in Hysek collection is the Furtif Chronographe Grande Date because it basically embodies all of the brand’s signatures in one watch. So this pretty much translates to the watch being the flagship of the brand, well sort of at least.

Jorg Hysek is undoubtedly one of the most respected and well established watchmakers in the world. In the recent Furtif collection we see prominent features such as a rectangular case, a perfect square, and swivel lugs offering best comfort on the wrist. Of course we see the brand’s most prominent technical features right there on the dial and all throughout.

The movement is developed entirely in-house so it is as pure as it gets. The double micro-rotor is exclusive to Hysek brand. We can see the first micro-rotor on the dial side, made of solid 22k gold and engraved with the firm’s monogram while the second micro-rotor is seen through the case back.

The 2 micro-rotors provides the caliber with a powerful rewind mechanism. Moreover, there are 416 components inside the watch. The movement also includes a column wheel chronograph which is one of the most prestigious and delicate forms of the complication.
As for the design, this is undoubtedly contemporary. The lines and the angled corners all foretell mechanized interpretations that tries to be as clean-looking as possible. This is one way to distinguish the brand’s prestigious presence particularly the four signature hour markers at 1, 5, 7, and 11 o’clock featuring Art Deco-style Roman numerals. These are not your average lines.

Moving on, the seconds hand feature three openwork ‘dots’ at the base adding some balance to the same open worked base of the hour and minute hands. The engravings on the micro-rotor and on the four screws securing the sapphire crystal also ensure a distinctive Hysek character. Being a hallmark, each of the Roman numerals includes three parallel lines, for the “X”, “V”, and “I”.

The double level architecture of the Furtif is also unique with the first level for the Grande Date and the second the Chronograph. Legibility is further enhanced with the seconds and minutes discs partially exposed so that the reader focuses only on what the markers point at. The hour hands also feature a good amount of SuperLumiNova coating. While on the minute circle, a fine gold gilt segment points to five-minute periods matching the Roman numerals and hour markers.
There are 2 models of the new Furtif, on anthracite or purple. A titanium and rose gold case houses the movement featuring alternating satin and polished finishes. The splendid combination allows the rose gold to shine in select locations on the crown, crown protector, crystal screws, and frame protection while the dark tones of brushed and polished titanium offer a sharp contrast with the anthracite or purple grained dial. Finishing the design is a matching strap for both dial models. For more info, visit Hysek online.