Panzera Breuer B44-01 Celtic Watch Review

Case Back

I love exhibition case backs. I think its a great touch to automatic watches. People love watches for their detailed mechanics and so it’s great to be able to see a portion of those mechanics. The only problem I have with them is they tend to make the watch uncomfortably thick. Not this time! This watch is a stunning 9mm thick which makes it a joy to wear. It also has an impressive 40 hour power reserve and 22 jewel bearings under the hood (you can see a few in the photo as well as a balance wheel).


Other notable things about the case back is the engraved serial number and the announcement that the watch is 5ATM water resistant. You wouldn’t want to swim with it, in my opinion, but if you get caught in the rain after a business meeting you will be just fine. Who needs much more than that? Not me. I’d also like the mention the crown. The crown screws down which helps with water resistance. I like this crown because it isn’t too small and can be used easily. Many simple watches have a small crown that I almost need tweezers to use…not good! Thankfully, that is not the case for this watch.

Strap and Buckle

I’m a huge watch strap fan. I love custom straps made by old guys in their garages, NATO straps from Europe, and odd straps like denim or canvas. Sometimes, though, I need to tone it down and stick with a simple black leather strap. I love the strap on this watch because it is very classy, keeps it simple, and it includes a butterfly clasp.


The genuine leather is very smooth and comfortable and feels premium. It seems to me that some companies charge you for the watch face and throw a cheap feeling and/or ugly strap on to make it “complete.” Panzera isn’t fooling anybody with this strap. I would say it feels and looks higher quality than any other included watch strap I have received thus far. Something new to me, though, is a butterfly clasp on a leather band. I’ve seen them, but this is my first time owning and using one. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am enjoying it.

2 (1)

If the butterfly clasp is holding someone back from buying a Panzera then they are most definitely making a mistake. Overall it’s easy to size, it’s stylish, and its comfortable...that’s all I need and that’s what Panzera is giving.

The Verdict

Panzera makes an excellent presentation of a beautifully simple watch. Automatic movement with exhibition case back, domed scratch resistant glass that shows off a crisp face with date, and a butterfly clasp on a premium genuine leather watch band are all great reasons to purchase this watch. As a collector of practical watches under $500, the Panzera Breuer is cutting it close at €325/$435. For more info, please visit

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Mark Wisdom Phillips – Contributing Writer

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