WristReview’s Watch Buyer’s Guide for Holidays 2017

For the Adventurer

Doxa Sub 300T Sharkhunter

The Doxa Sub is regarded as true cult classic among dive watches, but unfortunately cult status comes with a hefty price tag and an often time-consuming search for a model in good condition. If you don’t have several thousands of dollars to spare then I suggest getting this modern re-edition of the ‘Black Lung’ variant for the diver in your life. It won’t replace his dive computer but they’ll be one step closer to being Jacque Cousteau and you won’t have to worry about whether 40 year old rubber seals are still water resistant! $2490

Alpina A4 Automatic

The Alpina Alpiner A4 Automatic may be an alliterative tongue-twister, but don’t let its rather silly name scare you off. At 44mm there is ample space to show off the blue sunburst dial and chunky steel bezel, but don’t think you’ll be slipping this under a tuxedo jacket after a day hiking! The long chamfered edges are a great addition that liven up the case design and the pointed lugs make this a perfect candidate for a nylon strap. $1495


What? A quartz watch? Surely not?!! Yes my dear reader, this Sinn is a quartz watch but frankly it is such a perfect choice for an adventurer that I had to pick it anyway as the oil-filled dial allows the hands to be read at nearly any angle, whether several thousand feet above sea-level or below the ocean waves. Throw in the tempered German submarine steel and you’ve got a watch that will withstand whatever you can put it through. $2840

Bremont MBII White – In Association with Martin-Baker 3

Bremont MBII-WH

Speaking of tough watches, the MBII-WH is another watch that will happily be caked in mud, tossed into bags and knocked against cave walls and won’t bat an eye about it. The movement is suspended in a shock-absorbing case and has even withstood being the rigors of being ejected from an airplane! Hopefully none of you will have to see first hand whether your MBII survives ejection, but for the weekend warrior, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. $4995

Tudor Pelagos

Whilst the majority of watch fans (and to be honest, Tudor themselves) are a little bit too in love with the Black Bay collection,  I believe that the Tudor Pelagos is one hell of an underappreciated watch. It’s titanium so it’s going to be far lighter than it looks, it has a unique matte dial and hour markers and it now has an in-house manufacture caliber to make it even more of a value proposition. Will an average diver reach 500 meters down? Probably not, but if they do, the Pelagos will be there for them. $4,400

Something for Her

Nomos Orion Ref. 324

Now I’m well aware that I have one too many Y chromosomes to properly assess women’s watches, so let’s just treat this category more like “Watches that I’d buy my wife if I had the money” and without a doubt, the Nomos Orion Ref. 324 is a fantastic choice to start with. It’s svelte, it’s stylish without being too pretentious and most importantly, it’s a real watch. Far too often women’s watches use quartz movements because brands think that women don’t care about mechanical movements. Bah humbug I say, lets share the love of mechanical around, and at this price, it’s hard to argue with that. $2240

Bremont Solo-37

Now that I’ve convinced my wife to join me on my weekly fishing trips, she needs a watch that can withstand the occasional tumble over a hidden tree branch or submersion under the water when she helps me out of the river I’m inevitably going to fall in. The Solo-37 is just as durable as the MBII-WH but has a really attractive yet functional dial with applied rose gold markers. If you’re looking for a durable ladies watch, then anything by Bremont is a good choice. $3695

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Small Duetto

The Reverso will always be my wife’s first horological love and I would be amiss if I didn’t chose it for this list. It’s been a classic for over eighty years and it makes for the a brilliant dress/casual watch. Some ladies Reversos come with a quartz movement but I feel that spending the extra money on a mechanical movement is a must, even if you won’t be able to visually tell the difference with the stainless steel case back. Add in the fact that Jaeger-LeCoultre offer a wide selection of strap choices in their boutiques and this makes for an excellent Christmas gift. $8300

Jacquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Monkey

This is the most expensive watch on the list and I’ll hold my hands up and admit that a large factor in me picking this one is because it has a monkey on it. Jacquet Droz may not make the most functional or everyday watches but they know how to make beautiful enamel dials better than almost anyone else, and…well c’mon it has a monkey on it! Is $68,300 too much money to spend on a watch with a monkey on the dial? Maybe, but let’s remember that underneath our primate friend is a serious movement with a 22 carat gold oscillating weight. $68,300

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Red Grape

My wife has never liked Rolex watches as evidenced by her insistence on calling the cyclops an ‘old man bubble’, but this is a Rolex she can get behind. The red grape dial is one of the few colorful dials that Rolex makes now but its tastefully done without being too garish, although it will turn into a technicolor fruit punch when the blue superluminova begins to glow at night. When it comes to quality, you know what you’re getting with Rolex and it doesn’t hurt that this is a watch I could borrow when she’s not looking, sorry dear! $5050

So there is is. Thirty watches that are a perfect primer for any Mr. or Mrs. Santa Claus out there looking for horological treats for you. Some may be more expensive than others, but all will widen the eyes of any watch fan when they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning.

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