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The Cooper watch is influenced by the distinctive bonnet stripes of the Mini Cooper. While these “stripes” perhaps became most commonly known through the movie “The Italian Job”, they have since become very popular with both new and classic Mini Cooper owners. Being such a definitive and minimalistic feature of the Mini, it was an obvious choice to subtly incorporate in this design, and thus the Cooper watch was born.

The recycled Mini metal dial is complimented by the two familiar racing stripes, as well as the indicators. Having won multiple famous races, including the prestigious Rally Monte Carlo three times, the Mini Cooper has a rich history of its own. Therefore this watch is not only a tribute to the Coopers impressive pedigree, but equally to its minimalistic ideals.

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  • Morspan

    The watch has a very clean look and a very cool dial.

  • Amir

    The dial is of course the best feature of the watch.

  • Rob

    I like the color combination of the dial and that it comes from a Mini Cooper.

  • Vicent

    I love everything about it!

  • Neal Goodacre

    I like the clean look to this watch. Very nice dial. Would love this.

  • HZ

    I love it!

  • James

    I like the nice design and dial features which make the watch very unique and stands out from the crowd. Thanks.


    I like this Cooper watch because the theme composition not over done. The case design is simple and beautifully executed.

  • xerosh

    Simple design but the dial compensates it.

  • Michael Rogers

    Good looking watch. Really like the hands and overall minimalism.

  • Pollenus Jacques

    Refreshing,young design.quite different from other watchmakers

  • Christian B

    Simply the perfect watch for all occasions!

  • Mike Dalton

    I love the simplicity, and elegance of this watch. Great for business casual, or out with the family 🙂 Thanks brother!!

  • Brad

    The perfect watch!

  • rocky

    The watch is very cool. Would love to show it off to my friends.

  • Alex

    This is a simple looking everyday watch I would wear.

  • Jimmy

    I absolutely love the look and simplicity of this watch…

  • KW

    Good looking watch.

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I love the dial and the hour marks. Neat watch 🙂

  • Tommy

    I think the simplicity of this watch is beautiful.

  • AC

    I love the way the watch is designed.

  • Yral

    The watch is very neat! 🙂

  • Jon Walmsley

    Great watch. I’ve owned a Mini Cooper as one of my first cars. I’d love a watch that could potentially be made of parts of that same car! (OK, it’s unlikely it would be, but you never know!)

  • Ken

    Nice watch – very clean and sharp!

  • Jacob

    It’s much of a simple design which looks nice with the nylon strap and the leather strap.

  • Evelina

    I like it because of it’s dial!! 🙂

  • Patrick Kopp

    First, I love the style of these watches. The classic side which mingles with the contemporary look. Moreover, I think every watch has its own history and spirit, as they are derived from recycling.
    The mix of old and new is really interesting.

  • Ed B

    Like the look. Very nice!

  • WD

    Good looking watch!

  • Jake True

    I like the watch because of the clean look and the color combination of the case with the strap.

  • MrCool

    I really like the looks of this watch. I have been looking for a nice watch to wear on my wrist.

  • Alexander G

    Love in a first sight! I like the clean lines of the and unique dial.

  • Jason

    I love this watch because of the dial design, simple but different.

  • Chris N

    Nice modern spin on a vintage dial and watch design.

  • Martin

    Really unique looking watch.

  • Sefano

    Cool watch. Great design !

  • danielhansen

    Good looking watch!!

  • Tim

    Cool looking dial!

  • IHateInvicta

    I like the look of this watch, and it would work well in my small collection.

  • Lutan

    Nice watch!

  • Joseph

    Normally I prefer modern styled watches. But this watch caught my attention due to its connection to the old Mini Coopers. What I find most interesting about this watch are the highlighted dial additional white lines in the middle and the coloured numerals.

  • jonas

    Looks like a gentlemanwatch. very cool dial and strap

  • thewatchwithabrain

    I like this watch and your giveaways!

  • Adrian

    I would love a new watch and this one looks great.

  • George N

    Love the dial.

  • Nosad

    Simple but also very sophisticated at the same time. The dial is the best thing on the watch.

  • Martin

    Looking good!

  • Harry

    Lovely dial and very functional. A nice design. Would love to wear it on my wrist.

  • Shawn McDonald

    I like that it’s classic, not a ton going on to distract you.

  • MMM

    I love the look of this watch!

  • Deivite Silva

    Great watch with a very sexy dial!

  • Richard Petersson

    Nice watch, good looking dial with matching olive green nylon and brown leather strap

  • Christopher Evans

    Cool watch, it’ll look good on my wrist lol 😉

  • Cory

    Love the look of this watch. Clean, yet nicely designed.

  • Samantha Hill

    I like the look of the brushed metal with the leather strap.

  • Ivan Stojanovski

    Really like the style of this watch…

  • Alvin

    Classy design & easy to read

  • Navid

    The best feature on this watch is the neat dial.

  • Benny

    The dial is amazing!

  • Ivan

    good looking, slim watch i like the dial.

  • Frederic

    Sexy watch!

  • danielR

    Very nice watch! The best part is of course the dial…

  • assar

    nice dial!

  • Henric

    I love the desing and the extra nylon strap.

  • Dimitrij


  • Kurt

    The story behind the watch is fully depicted through the unique dial and band, creating a unique timepiece to represent an excellent vehicle.

  • Nice watch!

  • Michel Arbirk

    Speciel and retro watch, would be awesome to add this watch to my collection.

  • Raymond Langer

    I like the unique dial and the band.

  • It looks cool

  • Dave Harrington

    I like the simple way in which the Cooper evokes the 60’s in a very understated but easily understood way. Very nice.


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