Introducing The New Safari Chronometer 42mm Watches From Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's new watches are fit to go on an adventure.


Ralph Lauren probably isn’t the first name you’d think of when it comes to luxury watches. Indeed, although they are renowned for their other luxury goods, those goods usually complement a luxury watch from a more established watch brand. However, these days, we see more and more luxury fashion brands having a go at the luxury watch sector, names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel to name a few. Ralph Lauren has been making more luxurious watches in recent times, too, such as a collection of engraved watches, a minute repeater and a twin-register chronograph. Recently, Ralph Lauren has expanded its range of watches again to include three new watches, let’s take a look.

The three new watches all fly under the Safari Chronometer range which already has some 39mm pieces and a 45mm model. The new watches fit snugly in that size range and all seem to be sufficiently rugged for an extended stay in the safari. Each watch has an “aged” stainless steel 42.6mm case which has been shot-blasted for a more unique look. The case’s water resistance of 100m also indicates some real world usability, too, even if there isn’t typically an abundance of water in the safari.

Of the three models available, the main difference in each model can be found on the dial where you get a choice of black, camouflage pattern and khaki. Of these, I think black is the one to go for; it’s sleek and classic, but if you did go with the watch with the camouflage pattern dial, I’d totally understand! All three models have Arabic numerals painted on with SuperLumiNova and the orange seconds hand stands out above the dial in a good way.

Inside all of these watches is the RL300-1 calibre, this is a Ralph Lauren branded version of the Sellita SW300-1a calibre, which can be found in a variety of models from TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross, Sinn and more. As it’s based on a robust and accessible movement, the RL300-1 should be serviceable for a long time without any real issues. It comes with a 50-hour power reserve and has a 4Hz beat rate.

Finally, once you’ve chosen which dial colour you want your new Ralph Lauren timepiece on, you need to choose which of the three interchangeable straps you’d like. The olive green canvas strap would be a classic choice and the “aged” stainless steel bracelet might give some more practicality, especially in the summer. However, my choice would be the wildcard, the Bund strap, which is also on offer. I think that completes the rough chic look these watches appear to be going for.

All of this can be yours for as little as $3500, which is the starting price, certain dial colours and strap options will make one of these. bit pricier. Most of what you’re paying, I think, is to have something totally left-field in the world of horology. This will be much more of a conversation piece than some of the other watches with the same movement in them.