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Initially started with Jovan Krstevski back in 2011 as WatchGeek, two years later, he created WristReview, although it took time, he built up plenty of faithful followers of the website. With the help of new contributing writers and editors, WristReview is constantly updated with news, reviews, and critiques, WristReview caters for all levels of luxury from entry-level to Haute Horlogerie.

The three most popular age groups for WristReview readers are 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 with most visiting from the USA, but Europe and Asia are also heavily populated with the WristReview.com audience.

You’ll find our articles are covered on many other popular websites on the internet to bring you closer to the watches you love. You’ll find a passion from our writers that’s hard to match. Most of our contributors also write for other websites too so make sure you check their work on other sites too.

WristReview.com also brings you exclusive first-hand looks at both new watches and new start-up watch brands.

You can find it all on WristReview.com.

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  • Unbiased and in-depth watch reviews
  • Watch news that only matter to you
  • Analysis and opinions about the watches that you wear every day
  • Watch buying guides

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Our team consists of writers, photographers, and content creators who are passionate about watches, cars, music, and everything in between.



Jovan Krstevski has been collecting watches ever since his father bought him an Omega Seamaster back when he was in his early teens. He launched WatchGeek back in 2011, which he decided needed a new fresh change to WristReview in 2013. He quotes ’WristReview is a site to help people find, explore, discover and enjoy wristwatches.’ Besides WristReview, he also has written for a number of publications. Read his articles



A keen bass guitar player, Harlan enjoys all the perks modern watchmaking technologies the industry has to offer. Although you might catch him sampling Omegas or the odd Rolex, Harlan loves all things Haute Horology, with his three favourite brands being BreguetA. Lange & Söhne and L.U.Chopard. He hopes to study timekeeping more in depth someday and will never be able to thank his father enough for introducing him to the industry. You can follow him on Instagram Read his articles



A software engineer by profession Dhananjay is a watch enthusiast and is also passionate towards music. He loves playing the guitar and enjoys listening to Rock classics from the 70’s and 80’s. Although he was always fond of watches, his true love affair with the world of horology began about 3 years back when he took to the internet searching for a nice affordable mechanical timepiece. Not only was the search fruitful, but it eventually culminated into an addiction to the expansive and exciting world of watches. As far as his taste in watches is concerned, Dhananjay gravitates more towards dress watches along with a recently developed interest in vintage watches. A few of his favorite brands are NomosBreguetSeiko and Omega. He is an active writer and has been associated with popular watch blogs. You can read his work on AblogtoWatchRead his articles



A motorcycle enthusiast since the age of 10 (starting on a Honda dirt bike), Erik has always been fascinated by anything mechanical. He chose analog watches over the more popular digital counterparts as a kid, sporting a Seiko when others had fancy calculators or even Nelsonic game watches. His first serious piece was an automatic in the late 1990s from American watchmaker RGM, the 107 pilot. As a longtime watch aficionado, Erik always appreciates the heavyweights like Patek Philippe, Rolex and Piaget, but tends to gravitate towards lesser-known brands like RGM, Chronoswiss and Horage. What usually impresses him most are the real value propositions from the likes of Hamilton or Tissot that offer well-designed chronographs, divers and more for just about any enthusiast’s budget. When he’s not flying through canyons in Southern California on a sportbike, Erik is busy as a watch journalist and photographer and has been covering the industry for many years. Read his articles



Felicia is responsible for Marketing and PR here at WristReview, a corporate communication practitioner with 10+ years of experience in the PR/Media sectors in North America, Europe and Asia. Throughout her career, she has led a number of successful communication and media campaigns for international brands. Contact Felicia here

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