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As college students, we are always doing more than just going to class. Our friends envy our ability to get the most out of our day. Upon completing this past school year, we were excited to start what we thought to be amazing summer jobs. Though after weeks of working the tiresome 9-5 job, we realized how constraining that monotonous routine feels, and started Yes Man Watches out of our passion to inspire people to consider their use of time. Be a Yes Man by learning to live your life as you please. We continue to learn, and hope you’re willing to learn with us.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on wristreview.com, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article). In your comment you have to mention whether you prefer watches on a strap or bracelet.

2. If you are chosen as the winner, then you must be willing to do a short review of the watch which will be published here on WristReview.com, Twitter and Facebook.

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on May 4, 2014 for the winner to be chosen at random.

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All submitted comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you than have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. The watch will be shipped by Yes Man Watches to the winner of this giveaway. Any profitable taxes or customs charges that may occur are paid by the winner!

Jury is represented by WristReview and Yes Man Watches.

The prize:


The winner can choose from one of these models.

Good luck, and thanks to Yes Man Watches for providing the giveaway watch here at wristreview.com!

  • Owen

    I must say bracelet!

  • Fred O


  • Rick

    Leather strap

  • Cháng

    Nato strap.

  • PP

    Steel bracelet

  • Hamid


  • FishGuy


  • Albert H


  • Andres Ruiz

    Leather strap

  • Rudolph

    Steel bracelet

  • Park-W

    definitely a leather strap on a watch like the “Yes Man Watch”, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with a strap on a “Rolex Submariner” !

  • watchman


  • Cory

    Really cool design!

  • Robin

    Leather straps!

  • thingstodo

    Leather strap, it just looks classier.

  • Mario

    Steel bracele t!!!

  • Ryan

    Leather straps!

  • Ben K

    I prefer a watch with a leather strap…

  • Adrian Gail

    I much prefer a watch with a leather strap. I think a bracelet suits certain watch styles but there’s nothing worse on a cold morning than putting on a steel bracelet watch 🙂

  • Eric T

    I prefer a watch with a mesh bracelet(steel)

  • Greg L.Hall

    Like the white face with the blue hands. That combo also goes great with the tan strap

  • Marcus

    It depends! I like all kind of straps and bracelets. 🙂

  • Neal

    Nice looking watch. I normally wear bracelet watches but would like a nice strap watch too.

  • bob

    I must say straps!

  • Ryan Montoya

    straps all day

  • Urom

    Leather strap!

  • Agree with Park-W.. Depends on the time piece, but on this, definitely a good strap. And heck, as my last name is Yetman, I need to get me a Yesman! Cheers!

  • Ron

    It depends on which day it is. 😛

  • Francisco

    Leather strap, but depends on the watch. Some watches just don’t look as good in strap as in a bracelet and the other way around.

  • Bernie Moore

    I must say steel bracelet..

  • Steel Strap and thanks for the contest.

  • Stefan

    Both bracelet and strap!

  • I’m a bracelet guy, but only because I have large wrists and it’s hard to find straps that fit.

  • Christopher T

    I am on the same page as Scott. I have big wrists! So, I have to say bracelet.

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I prefer bracelet for many watches, but some of them are made to be worn with leather strap (like this one).

  • Matt

    All kind of straps.

  • Kenike Dockx

    Leather strap for sure!

  • Holmqvist

    Nylon strap!

  • Paolo

    Those two watches catched my eyes! I really enjoy the clean style and the blue/white blue/black combination, my three favorite colours! If I must choose I go for the bracelet.

  • Dharmesh

    Leathers straps.

  • Rick M.

    Given the types of watches that appeal most to me, a leather strap is the way to go.

  • Watch Dude


  • Mite

    It depends on the watch! Not every watch goes well with straps or bracelets.

  • Loyuswatches

    Nato straps!

  • Tomas Cruz

    I love watches but I prefer a strap.

  • WatchKid

    Steel bracelet.

  • X2Eliah

    I used to like bracelets more, but over the last two years, I’ve sort of shifted onto leather straps (both regular and Nato style) – it feels a bit more comfortable, and gives a more varied look, so I can dress up or dress down a watch, depending on the situation. I wouldn’t say no to a well-executed bracelet (the one on the Citizen Nighthawk comes to mind as a good example), but 90% of the time? Nice leather strap it is.

  • NN

    I like bracelets!

  • John C


  • Me

    All kind of straps..

  • Jacques Pollenus

    I prefer straps

  • Scott

    I prefer bracelets on my watches. 🙂

  • Jeff T

    Bracelets, but the clasp on this watch might address the wear I don’t like on many leather straps

  • George T


  • Derim


  • Lenny

    Straps and bracelet

  • Idaho Vandal

    Leather Strap…Love this watch

  • monkeyboy


  • Tomi


  • Martin T


  • ST

    It depends on the watch. But I prefer straps.

  • Fred

    Leather strap

  • Rich


  • Fred Danum

    steel bracelets

  • Alexander H

    leather strap

  • Oskar

    both! but I prefer straps.

  • Lodan


  • smedao

    watch on a steel bracelet

  • Jake

    steel bracelet

  • M.W


  • Mr.K

    It depends on the watch! 🙂 But the Yesman watch goes very well with a leather strap. Goodluck! 🙂

  • Bruce

    stee l b racelet

  • John L


  • Bojan Petrovic

    Pvd bracelets on a Pvd watch…

  • Filip

    Strap! I find it more comfortable. :0

  • Juan Martinez

    If I must, then I will go with straps…

  • Matthew

    I have to say that bracelets appeal to me more, in general….however, there are some amazing strap watches…it really depends on what the occasion is. Everyday….bracelet.

    Both have classy styles…..but I lean toward bracelets if I had to choose.


  • Madman


  • Ian

    Steel bracelet

  • Jan

    I prefer straps

  • Mark

    Love the white face and brown strap

  • Bruno

    I love straps.

  • Warr


  • Toni



    Prefer straps.

  • ilovewatches



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