Introducing The H. Moser & Cie.’s Streamliner Wyoming Jade Watch

Green radiance in red gold where a slice of Wyoming jade becomes the dial.


H. Moser & Cie., renowned for their avant-garde watchmaking, throws another curveball with the Streamliner Tourbillon Concept Wyoming Jade. This timepiece isn’t just about challenging conventional norms in watch design; it’s about carving a whole new path with a dial sculpted from raw Wyoming jade.

The 40mm red gold Art Deco case, a signature Streamliner feature, seamlessly integrates with the bracelet, exuding a retro-modern charm. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the dial. The natural jade, boasting a rich olive hue and subtle marbling, transcends mere timekeeping, transforming into a captivating canvas of nature’s artistry.

Gone are the usual logos and clutter. Instead, minimalist baton hands and three discreet markers hover above the jade, granting it unobstructed appreciation. This audacious decision might not please purists, but it allows the gemstone’s inherent beauty to shine, free from distractions.

The HMC 804 automatic movement, visible through the sapphire caseback, exemplifies Moser’s technical prowess. The 60-second flying tourbillon, nestled at 6 o’clock, doubles as a running seconds indicator, while the double hairspring ensures exceptional accuracy.

H. Moser & Cie. has always walked the line between innovation and audacity. The Streamliner Tourbillon Wyoming Jade might not be for everyone, but its unconventional beauty and technical prowess are undeniable. Whether it becomes a future classic or a footnote in horological history, one thing’s for sure: it is going to be a true collector’s item. With only 100 pieces gracing the world, the Streamliner Tourbillon Wyoming Jade is priced at CHF 109,000 (approx. £98,660), reflecting the exclusivity and meticulous craftsmanship poured into this daring horological experiment.