REC Mark I Watch Review


The choice of the Hour, Minute, and Second hands are simply exquisite, subtle yet so elegant. The colours perfectly compliment each other. The date lies at the six o’clock that practically stays out of the way. I like this placement because it stays in the uncluttered space. The brand doesn’t really shout at the 12 o’clock position. I like simplicity and this watch showcases it in a classical yet modern way.

Finally, what houses all these mechanisms is a mineral crystal providing a 37mm dial opening. I think at this price range a sapphire crystal should do better but then the creators thought about it already. The mineral crystal is practically more durable and impact resistant over time. This is more like the quality found in the veritable Mini so thank you Jonathan for imprinting your car enthusiasm in a wrist watch.

The straps

The REC Mark I Watch comes with two straps. One is made of black leather with black stitching and boasts of a quick-release system and for the other one, I had mine in black and grey nylon strap. Personally, I prefer having a choice to dress up on formal and casual occasions.


The leather strap serves the formal occasion and the black and grey nylon strap serves the casual occasion. The quality of the nylon strap is pretty sporty and sturdy which comes in handy in a practical sense.


The movement

I am extremely pleased to REC’s keen attention to details as the case back comes screwed to the case sporting a high polished finish. One advantage of this is during openings which typically makes light scratches to the case back plating. As expected, the Rec logo and the VIN number of the Mini Cooper are etched at the center of the case back providing a little glimpse of its original story.


The reliable Japanese OS21 Miyota quartz chronograph movement powers the watch. It features 24H indicator, 60-minute chronograph, and date which all culminate to accurate time telling.


Time and Beyond

I hope REC makes more amazing watches based on their core philosophy. I just love the idea that you can literally collect plain old cars filled with totally scrap materials (that no one even bothers to touch) and make a wonderful creation out of it. This craftsmanship is extremely worth a lot of credits. I take pride in wearing my REC Mark I Watch. If you’d like to make a difference without really screaming out loud and letting the world know of your good intentions, then this is the discreet way of doing it.

A marvelous piece of art filled with rich stories that give it timeless value that’s worth keeping for many generations to come, the REC Mark I Watch is genuinely an original approach to a whole new way of making a difference. For more info, please visit

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