Jacob & Co. Unveils The New Bugatti Tourbillon Watch

This ingenious hyperwatch boasts serious power and the looks to match.


Jacob & Co. is famous for its bold watches, which are akin to wearable art with complex movements and striking looks. Now, they’ve launched the Bugatti Tourbillon watch, which shares its name with Bugatti’s latest hypercar, adding an amusing layer to the already intriguing partnership.

This watch is undeniably substantial, measuring 52mm in height and 42mm x 15mm in thickness. Its black PVD titanium construction lends it a sleek and contemporary appearance.

The dial explodes with activity. A miniature, working V16 engine made of sapphire crystal takes center stage, mimicking a real Bugatti engine. Three subdials flank it: a tourbillon on the left, retrograde hours and minutes in the center, and power reserve indicators on the right.

A hand-wound JCAM55 movement keeps this beast ticking. Visible through a Bugatti-inspired skeleton caseback, it boasts a 48-hour power reserve. Even though there’s no exhaust pipe included, it’s still a true powerhouse under the hood.

In essence, it’s a watch designed for gearheads who also like horological marvels. Its robust black rubber strap, like Bugatti’s tires, ensures a secure fit even at high speeds. However, such technical excellence comes at a cost; the Jacob & Co. Bugatti Tourbillon is a limited edition of 150 pieces, priced at $340,000 each.