Ressence Type 3 Watch

By Jovan Krstevski




There are watches and there is the Ressence Type 3.  A full year went into developing this time amazing and futuristic looking time piece.  With no bezel to speak of,  the rotating date indicator sits just outside of the casing.

The subdials are suspended within a liquid core where the second, minute, and hour features revolve.  An interesting feature given the fact that the Type 3 has no hands and no crown.

The Type 3’s Liquid-Filled Dial

Traditional hands are replaced by convex discs set in a convex dial, providing an abstract representation of pared-down and poetic time. Lines painted on the hours, minutes and seconds discs indicate the time just like traditional hands, but unlike traditional hands, they do not overlap so less space is required between the dial and the crystal.

Date Indicator and Dial Profile

Looks can be deceiving, and it would be an underestimation to call Ressence’s new Type 3 watch anything less than a progression. On the back of this futuristic timepiece is a gravitational gear system that allows users to adjust the time, a feature that does away with a crown on the side.

​Adjusting the Type 3 via the “Case Back”

Words are hard to come by when trying to describe the Ressence’s Type 3 watch. The highly sophisticated watch is made for the sophisticated user!
Will it come with a “Bible” thick Instruction manual?

Overall, the design of the watch is very appealing.

The Ressence Type 3 will be available for €23,000 EUR (approximately $29,500 USD) on their website in the coming weeks.

The Type 3’s Profile – Notice There Is No Crown