Speake-Marin Unique Resilience “One Art” For Only Watch 2015

By Jovan Krstevski

The Only Watch 2015 auction is just around the corner and everybody’s excited with the unique timepieces donated by many successful watchmakers. Behold, Speake-Marin now joining the foray donating their magnificent Resilience “One Art”. Many people who own one of the Resilience series describe the watches as classic, elegant and refreshing. I’ll take the latter description at any time since you don’t even need to visit an exotic island for that matter. Nonetheless, the Resilience “One Art” is truly an art by itself. It has all the charms of an elegant watch and the sternness of a professional grade watch. The name itself accounts for what’s it made of, fine grade materials that can weather natural wear and tear. The fired enamel dial is designed to stay pristine outlasting even your bloodline. Now that’s a bold claim but it’s the watch’s engineering that matters. If you’re the lucky one who gets this watch, then you can easily distinguish it from the main production through its subtle engravings on the wide flanks of its case.


That brings us to the 38mm Piccadilly case which carries the Peter Speake-Marin’s signature. And it’s made of red-gold giving it that eternal appeal reinforcing the brand’s identity. The engravings somehow adds texture to the rather smooth polished case. You’ll also find the blue sapphire set into the onion crown quite amusing. Perhaps it appeals more to the softer side of elegance but then we all have different preferences. If you take the delicate engravings and match it with the onion crown, then everything seems fine just the way it is though but I just hoped they thought real hard about this classic elegance stuff.


The dial is so pure and indeed resilient to whatever you think about it. I bet that it’ll probably look the same and have that same elegant aura regardless of its critics. For me, this is the real deal when it comes to a collectible neatness. Throw in a red-gold seconds hand and blued steel hands to a fired enamel dial and you’ll get yourself a symphony of classic and eternal time telling machines. The large roman numeral hour markers are also quite discrete mated with railroad track style for the minutes. I say symphony because when you look at the big picture, it’s just so refreshing to the senses. It’s indeed classic and peacefully elegant, darn I do like to own one right now.


As for the watch’s main engine, it’s being powered by a mechanical self-winding caliber Vaucher 3002 with 28 jewels and a 50-hour power reserve. If you’re not aware, the Resilience series were originally powered by several iterations of the classic Technotime automatic calibre however the company ever since moved to the Vaucher movements. And the strap is made of leather and it’s certainly a thing of art and class.

Only Watch 2015 will take place on November 7th, 2015, in Geneva, with all proceeds from the sale going into research for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. For more info, please visit speake-marin.com



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