The New Ferragamo Lungarno Chronograph Collection: Men’s Watches at Their Finest

 By Isabella Rivera




To truly appreciate the Ferragamo brand, one must know some of the history behind the name. The founder, Salvatore Ferragamo was very ambitious at a young age. He first opened his own shoemaking shop at the young age of 13 in Bonito, Italy and then moved to the US a year later, in 1912, to join his brother working in Boston at a large footwear company.  The young boy was captivated with the massive, modern machinery and his love for shoemaking grew. As it grew, so did a lingering worry about the strain put on quality craftsmanship in a big factory.

He moved again in the early Twenties, this time to Santa Barbara, California. He had another brother living there, so he went ahead and opened a shoe-repair shop which would lead him to his true passion – making shoes for the booming film industry and studying the anatomy of feet to fulfill his search for shoes that fit perfectly. He opened the Hollywood Boot Shop in 1923 and was called the “shoemaker to the stars” by the local press.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s hard work and creative ambition was beginning to really pay off, but he missed the inherent quality of Italian craftsmanship. He moved back to Italy in 1927 to seek out the highest potential his brand could achieve. Of course, that potential was easily tapped into and still flows today with everything from couture shoes to his luxury watches (Museo).

Dining on the river Arno at Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant

The River Arno dining experience at the exquisite Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant via Lungarno Hotel

The newest watches from Ferragamo are the Lungarno Chronograph watches, are sporty with dressy undertones. They are inspired by the most beautiful hotel chain in Italy – the Lungarno Collection which was founded by Salvatore Ferragamo himself. On top of perfecting the art of shoemaking and watchmaking, Ferragamo’s ambition and creativity led him to creating six luxurious hotels, five in Florence and one in Rome. The hotels express the grand style of traditional Italian hospitality of the Ferragamo family, the international wonder of Salvatore, and that sophisticated craftsmanship that brought Ferragamo back to Italy.

There are three different face color pallets (blue, black or white) in the new Lungarno Chronograph collection. These can be furnished with your choice of three wrist straps – luxurious black or blue calf strap with contrasting red leather inserts, or a stainless steel bracelet with both brushed and polished stainless steel.

Perhaps the most strikingly masculine aspect of the Lungarno Chronograph collection is the exclusive-to-Ferragamo bezel inspired by retro designs and the innovate hotels. It is square and round at the same time, giving it a “shape in shape” type of build. This well-crafted bezel has a brushed steel surface with contrasting polished, chamfered edges.

Ferragamo FQ1080014 Lungarno Chronograph 

The handsome 44 mm chronograph has two totalizers on a black or silver dial and a date indicator at twelve o’clock.

Ferragamo FQ1100014 Lungarno Chronograph

The metal indices and chapter ring are beautifully applied and inscribed with a tachymeter scale. The two pushers are extra wide on both sides of the setting crown which makes a gallant impact, not only on the sporty way that the timepiece looks but also to the precise functionality. Powered by Swiss made automatic movement but representative of the exclusive Florence hotels that inspired it, the Lungarno Chronograph definitely has Ferragamo’s unique brand of Italian luxury down to a tee.

Ferragamo FQ1090014 Lungarno Chronograph

The Ferragamo brand is now guided by Massimiliano Giornetti, the talented new Creative Director. As you can see by the newest collection of men’s watches, the Ferragamo name continues to live on and represent what ambitious young Salvatore believed in – Italian quality of craftsmanship that yields beautiful results. For more info, please visit

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