Watch Winner Review: Tayrox TXM001

The lucky winner of the Tayrox giveaway was Carlos N. and here is his review and thoughts on the timepiece:


So after winning the Tayrox TXM001 watch early January and wearing it a couple of days now, here is my review. The stylish and exquisite steel case makes it remarkable, very attractive and appealing to the naked eye.


I love the double push butterfly deployment buckle instead of the twisty band like most watches I have owned which fits very comfortably on my wrist but at the same time, it feels very snug and secure.


Even though I haven’t subjected this watch in watery condition yet, I understand that it is completely water resistant to 50 meters which is a plus in my eyes. The glass contains a beautiful sapphire crystal which looks absolutely stunning on any watch I have ever owned and there are also six individual handset crystals within the dial.


There is a clear window on the bottom of the watch so you can easily peer in and see the inner workings of this masterpiece which I can easily spend hours doing.


I am very happy with this watch as this timepiece puts to shame all of the watches I have ever owned in my lifetime. All in all I am very proud owner of the Tayrox TXM001 and I can not wait to show off this in the mainstream watch to all of my friends and family. Thank you again.

Congrats again to Carlos N. for winning the Tayrox watch. For those who haven’t won anything yet. We want to inform you that there is a giveaway contest going on right now, where you can win a watch from Melbourne Watch Company.