Watch Winner Review: Yes Man Watches Black

The lucky winner of the Yes Man giveaway was Paolo and here is his review and thoughts on the timepiece:

The launch of the new brand Yes Man (YM) is excited news on the world of watches. This brand delivers a fresh thinking of the time we have on this earth.  The idea of YM started from scratch by young entrepreneurs in USA. To get from an idea on paper to have the complete product in my costumer hand; there was a lot of effort. But after some help and crowdfunding,  I can now finally explore the full potential of this watch in my own hands.


It’s a great watch which offers pure simplicity, with focus on things in life where life quality is number one. The YM logo is placed at number five with a cocktail glass which should remind all the owners of the watch that life has more to offer than just work. I find that as brilliant thinking, in this computerized multi social world, we forget today to enjoy our life in full extension and in a relaxed way. After all, when we are placed at a rest home, it’s too late to do things as going out for a drink or just hanging out with friends.


The dial comes in two colors, black and white. As you can see I choose the black one.  It has a smart buckle whic allows you to get a quickly fit for your wrist.



The size of the watch is kind of large for me as an collector of Swatch watches. And when I say large, I mean too large. For me; less is more. It is too large in all kind of ways.  The strap, the buckle and so on. Yes, the buckle system is very smart, but it does not appeal to me. For 5 or 6 years ago it was stylish to have a large watch on your wrist. But today, 2014, it just looks out of fashion.  Just the design screams less but the size screams Hummer; not so popular today. So which is the primary costumer group the men behind Yes Man are aiming at? After been using it in different kind of occasions, I can’t find a single occasion that it suites for me. That is a problem, a big problem.

Yes Man Watches has come an long way, they have understand the most important in life, enjoy your life, we all live in transit. But, and there is a big but, they have to rethink the design and especially the size, on more time less is more.

Congratulations again to Paolo for winning the watch from Yes Man Watches. For those who haven’t won anything yet. We want to inform you that there is a ongoing giveaway contest.