Dear Watchgeek Readers,

I am happy to announce that Watchgeek now is officially changing name to WristReview.  The site has moved here, where you can continue to find passion for watches combined with knowledge, featuring reviews, critiques, and reports on entry, mid and high-end watches. Watchgeek lives on and will occassionally have updates and news, but make sure to bookmark and/or RSS the new site to get the latest news from us.

Watchgeek has always had the vision to become one of the best watch blogs on the web. It only seemed right to do this for you guys, and to get rid of all the technical issues due to the very fast growing number of readers.  Thanks to everyone for growing the site to where it is today.  I invite you to join the dialy posts over at Watchgeek´s new home WristReview.

All the “old” articles will be uploaded into the new site.

Thanks for all your support,

Jovan Krstevski and The WristReview (Watchgeek) Team

  • Paul A

    I have noticed that Watchgeek was down almost all the time this last days.
    This new site is pretty awsome!

  • carlito

    Lets go!

  • Christopher T

    What happens to your “old” posts, are they going to be uploaded here?

  • watchcollector

    What happens to all your posts are you going to upload them to your new website?
    I comment on Watchgeek also! 🙂

  • Brad

    What happens to all your posts are you going to upload them to your new website?
    I also comment on Watchgeek! 🙂

  • Thomas R, was little slow in the connection speed some times and I saw the “server down” page few times.
    I hope it will go well with this one! I love the design, it looks very professional.
    I wanted to subscribe but I can´t, I got the message: The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.

  • Adam K

    Very nice web design..

  • Roman

    Goodluck with the new site!