Introducing The TRIARROWS Cousin And Poet Watch Collection

By Jovan Krstevski

Something fantastic actually happened in the horology universe courtesy of the TRIARROWS. Why, you ask me? Simple, the biggest problem known to every horology fan has been solved. Damn right, it’s now solved and we all can go home and take a big nap knowing that for the next few days we can finally get what we’ve been longing for so long — an excellent watch that combines unique luxury design, high quality and irresistible price. What is more surprising is that this is practically a kickstarter project and there are lot of perks involved, so what’s not to loved? In my opinion, everything is just attractive and I’m happy to choose the TRIARROWS’ watches.


As we all know, luxury watches are only available in the high-end segment and they almost equate to expensive prices. If your budget is a bit small or you simply don’t want to throw a few thousand dollars more, you get stuck with mediocre watches, or kickstarter projects that lie somewhere in between. If you want to run on a limited budget of course you’ll have to sacrifice a few things here and there which is totally understandable. However, the good news is that TRIARROWS practically makes use of kickstarter to directly connect with watch lovers, those who are willing to pay premium for kickass watches. I mentioned premium, well sort of metaphorically since TRIARROWS watches indeed come with irresistible prices — that’s why I chose them in the first place.


Let me tell you what you’re backing in an unbiased fashion of course. There are 9 watches which are easily remembered for their creative versions, the 5 Poet Collection and 4 Cousin Collection. Obviously, they have the same movement and only differ in designs. Overall we’re talking about high quality stainless cases with 11.8mm thickness and just like high-end watches they come in 44.5mm overall size. The bezel is appropriately sized resulting to a comfortable 35.5mm dial. The watches are protected by a sapphire crystal which is normally employed by expensive watches.


The dials are beautiful depending on the design but for me, the best are the ones from the Poet Collection particularly the Poet Black — clean dial, easier to read and elegant. The Japanese Super Luminous Oil Indexes are rather simple but they kick ass. Not only are they easier to read, their luminosity lasts longer. They may not light up the room, but they’re pretty useful on certain occasions.


Power is of course provided by the highly reliable Miyota JS25 Chronograph Movement featuring Stopwatch, Stopwatch Second Hand, and 24 Hour Hand including Date. They also come in either moon phase or chronograph movement. Here is the stopper, the movement runs on battery but frankly I’m quite happy with a 2 year life battery. The plus side is that you don’t have to wind mechanically, just replace the battery when the time comes. Throw in some genuine leather strap and you’ll easily be gratified with a luxurious watch.


At $90, the TRIARROWS are inexpensive considering the materials involved. Here is the kicker, the Kickstarter backers can practically shave off about 40% of the retail price — that’s a huge discount. What’s more, they practically ship for free to over 20 countries and cities including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Japan and South Korea. For an added peace of mind, you’ll also have 8 years for warranty services.


Another thing is the specially stretched goal #2 unlocked at $88,000CAD available for the POET COLLECTION backers who can also can gain a butterfly clasp whilst extra straps ( Nato Strap /Tough Trimming Genuine Leather Strap) for the COUSIN COLLECTION backers.

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