Introducing The Linde Werdelin Spidolite Titanium And Gold Watch (Live Pics)

By Osheen Arakelian

Linde Werdelin has been around for a number of years and has started to establish a real name for themselves. Founded by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, the duo has made it their goal to combine watches and instruments together to create a sports watch fit for all occasions.  Baselworld 2015 saw the introduction of two new timepieces that fit in perfectly with their quest for perfection.


Introducing the Spidolite Titanium and Spidolite Gold from Linde Werdelin. The Spidolite range has one simple goal in mind apart from telling time: to save weight without compromising on strength, integrity or performance. The Spidolite Titanium is the fourth generation in the series and is the most advanced skeleton to date, according to Morten Linde. Originally a commission piece to take on an expedition up Mount Everest, the Spidolite range has been evolving and developing since, leading to what you see here today.


The most notable difference with the new additions and the biggest wow factor is the skeletonised case that really looks the goods. The Spidolite Titanium uses a lightweight Grade 5 titanium case and has an industrial style satin and microbille finish, which benefits from Linde Werdelin’s partnership with an artisanal case maker. Also new for the Spidolite Titanium is the use of a grey premium natural rubber strap with the proprietary Linde Werdelin strap system that allows interchangeable strap options from within the series.


The Gold variant has the same design elements but with a much sexier finish. The case utilises rose gold for its outer case with a satin and microbille finish, with a black DLC-treated titanium inner case and bezel. Remarkable to wear and very lightweight, they feel a lot heavier than they actually are which might throw you off at first but rest assured there is no compromise on build quality. The case has been stripped down to its bare essentials but what it achieves as a result is more than just a lightweight case, it also achieves a beautiful effect under the light.


The dial and movement of both variants are also beautifully executed and hold true to the idea of pure skeletisation. The dial of the Spidolite Titanium and Spidolite Gold show off the inner workings by stripping down the dial to only its most essential features, three hands to tell the time. Having a skeletonized dial meant only one thing, showing off the movement. Collaborating with the award-winning Horlogerie powerhouse Chronode SA, the LW07 movement has the soon to be signature design feature, a triangle, or ‘trigon’ pattern that is visible through 3 – 7 o’clock. Another cool little feature that might be a little harder to spot is the red triangle that points to the open spring barrel cover, which acts as the power reserve indicator (A first for Linde Werdelin).


In true Linde Werdelin fashion, there are no gimmicks or fancy indicators, only a view of the spring showing when it’s fully wound and tight meaning full reserve or loose meaning running on empty over here! The most notable differences between the Spidolite Titanium and the Spidolite Gold in terms of dial and movement design is simply the colour choice with the Gold opting for gold highlights and the Titanium opting for much cooler grey colours.


A real treat to wear and see up close and one I highly recommend you do if given the chance. It’s not just a watch; it’s a piece of architecture on the wrist. Limited to just 75 pieces each.

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