Alpina Sailing Yachttimer Countdown

Sailing Yachttimer Countdown

Countdown to the Release of Alpina’s New Sailing Yachttimer

Sleek, sophisticated, elegant, majestic… the yacht is truly the crown prince of the nautical world. They are not the largest vessels to sail the seven seas, not by any stretch of the imagination. Nor are they the fastest; even modest speedboats offer greater pace. Is there any craft, however, which attracts more admiration, respect and even a certain degree of envy than a well-appointed yacht?

When yachts race, the winner is not determined by horsepower, as is often the case with yachts’ motorized “cousins.” Certainly, equipment plays a significant part in any racing contest, but when whitecaps churn, winds whistle and sails are slapping in the breeze, it will be the skill of the crew and the strategy of the skipper which will ultimately decide who will be victorious.

Swiss watchmaker Alpina are proud to announce the launch of a new model which fits perfectly, both on the wrist of the owner and in the world of yacht racing. The Sailing Yachttimer Countdown comes with a host of features that makes it ideal for anyone participating in a test of sailing skill over open water.

Great looks and impressive features

One glance at the watch confirms it is uniquely Alpina. The wide, 44 mm diameter stainless steel case surrounds the impressive black face, which in turn contrasts beautifully with the luminous white hour and minute hands. And because when you’re racing yachts, it’s the seconds as opposed to the minutes that really count, the Yachttimer Countown’s triangular, fluorescent orange second hand truly stands out and is especially easy to read. The ever-popular clear sapphire crystal case back allows an amazing view of the intricate AL-880 caliber working away inside this mechanical marvel.

Additional features found on the Yachttimer Countdown include—what else—countdown windows. The countdown to the start of any yacht race is the time when pulses quicken, muscles tense and all senses seem to become sharper and more finely focused. The Yachttimer has countdown windows from 10 to 1, leading to the fluorescent START indicator, when the action really begins.

The sapphire compass bezel turns in only one direction, to help eliminate the mistakes that can be caused by bezels which turn in both directions. As you would expect from any Alpina sport watch, the Yachttimer Countdown is water resistant to a depth of 30 atmospheres, or 300 metres below sea level.

With a view to both functionality and style, the black rubber strap can easily be replaced by the optional metal and metal mesh bracelets. It would be fair to say the Yachttimer Countdown is equally at home in a yacht race or in the dining room of the most glamorous yacht club.

Looking for a great gift for your racing enthusiast?

The Alpina Sailing Yachttimer Countdown would make a wonderful gift for anyone who spends time on or near the water, and would be the perfect present for those who participate in maritime racing. Alpina will present each of these new limited edition (just 8,888 pieces will be produced) watches in a specially designed gift box, which also contains a stunning, miniature Extreme 40 yacht.

Sleek, sophisiticated, stylish…yes. Oh, and the yachts aren’t bad, either!

Technical Specifications


  • AL-880LBG4V6
  • Delivered in a special gift box with an Extreme 40 boat miniature


  • Automatic with yacht timer function, caliber AL-880
  • PVD Black coated Alpina rotor


  • Hours, minutes, seconds, yacht timer function.


  • Stainless steel case, 44 mm diameter
  • Sapphire crystal, see-through case back
  • Unidirectional turning sapphire compass bezel
  • 30 ATM Water-resistant


  • Black dial, countdown luminous minute indication
  • Coutndown windows from 0’ to 4’, with fluorescent START indication
  • White luminous hands with fluorescent orange triangle second’s hand


  • Black rubber strap (metal bracelet and mesh bracelet available as spare parts
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