Arnold & Sons Unveils The Year Of The Dragon Watches

Majestic double dragons grace Arnold & Son's lunar new year collection.


In the annals of horology, few mythical creatures captivate like the dragon. A potent symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune in Chinese culture, the dragon has graced the watch dials for centuries, its sinuous form whispers tales of emperors and celestial journeys. As the Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Wooden Dragon, Arnold & Son, a brand renowned for its daringly modern interpretations of traditional watchmaking, unleashes two sets of breathtaking Year of the Dragon timepieces, each a fiery tribute to the legendary beast.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold “Year of the Dragon”

Firstly, the Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold “Year of the Dragon”, which boasts a compact 41.5mm x 11.67mm case. Its black or blue aventurine glass dial, depending on the reference, unveils a moonlit garden scene where a rose gold dragon, delicately hand-engraved and polished, coils amidst gnarled pines. The large mother-of-pearl moon, adorned with Super-LumiNova, is set against an aventurine sky, showcasing the constellations of the Great Bear and Cassiopeia. The Perpetual Moon 41.5 hums with the A&S1512 Caliber, it tracks lunar phases with an accuracy that would take 122 years to deviate by a mere day. 

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Red Gold “Year of the Dragon”

On its celestial counterpart, the Luna Magna Red Gold “Year of the Dragon,” a monumental 44mm x 15.90mm case houses a three-dimensional moon in gleaming red gold, face-to-face with a similarly resplendent dragon. The dragon’s attention to the moon symbolizes the perpetual pursuit of wisdom, seamlessly blending Chinese symbolism with Swiss watchmaking expertise. The Luna Magna offers two options; one adorned with the swirling beauty of pietersite, the other bathed in the enigmatic depths of onyx, each stone reflecting the dragon’s vibrant, otherworldly energy. The Luna Magna pulsates with the A&S1021 Caliber, its 90-hour power reserve mirrors the dragon’s enduring strength. Each movement ticks away within a fortress of 18-carat red gold, its surface gleaming like scales bathed in sunlight.

Straps of alligator leather, stitched with fiery red accents, complete the Year of the Dragon experience. Whether in black or spangled blue for the Perpetual Moon 41.5, or ink blue or onyx black for the Luna Magna. But be warned, to own one of these eight-piece limited editions requires both swiftness and fortune, as their price tags, starting at CHF 57,000 for the Perpetual Moon and climbing to CHF 79,600 for the Luna Magna, reflect their exquisite artistry.