The Collins Automatic Watch Redefines A CLASSIC STYLE

By Jovan Krstevski

If you’re itching to back another Kickstarter, wait no more… there’s a new kid on the block–welcome The Collins Automatic Watch.

The creator of this watch, Jimmy Collins, is a self-confessed dreamer and a designer, and of course when this kind of personality turns to watches, expect some imaginative work. But, this is not all dreams and fantasy–the guy wants to get his company going so he can pursue his passion for watchmaking full-time.

His first iteration is a solid timepiece, holding true to the tradition of the classic field watch genre, with some unique twists. One might even assume it’s a timepiece with a much longer presence on the market. This is a US-assembled watch, by the way, with parts sourced from around the world.

The design of the watch is based on audio recording equipment. This is very personal to Mr. Collins who noted that he grew up around recording studios. I’ve seen various design inspirations over the years, but the Collins Watch captures something very new, and yet distinctly vintage-feeling at the same time. I like it.

The 40mm steel case looks clean and simple, and with the paired leather band, you might even say it’s a dressy watch. The lugs are comfortable, and the watch features a nice bezel that highlights its tough sapphire crystal. There are 2 models here: one is silver with a solid caseback while the other is black with a crystal caseback. In line with the recording studio inspiration, the crown looks like a miniaturized volume knob.

The dial is where I believe this watch excels. The design is well-executed and the Super-LumiNova on the Arabic hour markers makes time-reading enjoyable in the dark. During daylight hours, I like how the black dial merges with the seemingly golden color of the time elements, creating an atmosphere that resembles a classic photograph coloration. True to its inspiration, the seconds hand sports a needle-like design resembling the pin of a volume unit meter. There is also a slashed zero on the dial resembling the “0” on an early synthesizer or perhaps a “phase” button on a recording console (used to control the orientation of sound waves). I do have one gripe though with the seconds hand; its black color makes it very much hidden thereby robbing the watch of a very useful element. But, at least the tip is coated in Super-LumiNova, and it’s nice to see it dance around the dial in the dark.

Now if you can get past my gripe about the Collins Watch’s seconds hand, its power source makes everything A-OK. It uses a Japanese NH35A movement which we all know is a true workhorse. It’s the perfect daily driver, and should assure backers they’re getting a genuine high-quality watch. The NH35A is also known in the community for its durability, plus it pretty much features everything that a quality automatic movement should have, from excellent power reserve (41 hours), to hacking mechanism, and impressive accuracy.

The Collins Watch’s classic styling is further enhanced by its leather band with a custom “Collins” imprinted buckle, as well as a printed emblem on the inside of the leather. The aged look of the strap adds a subtle ruggedness to the watch. They are also offering quality nylon Zulu bands.

Finally, the Collins Automatic Watch is water resistant to 100 meters and comes with an impressive warranty. They are also offering extremely fast delivery for a Kickstarter campaign (early bird awards deliver by this July). All in all, this is an impressive watch and I’m excited to see where things go for Jimmy and his burgeoning company.

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