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Fjord AGNA Chronograph FJ-3013-02 Watch



Movement: Precision Japan Quartz movement Chronograph

Diameter of Case: 43.0mm X 50.2mm

Case: Solid Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Strap: Imported full grain leather with stainless steel buckle

Strap Width: 22.0 – 20.0mm

Water Resistance: 10ATM


You can only enter once.

You must sign up with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen.

All submitted comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you than have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. Any profitable taxes or customs charges that may occur are paid by the winner.

There’s just one of you that can win this brand new watch from Fjord. The winner will be contacted via email.

Good luck, and thanks to Fjord for providing the giveaway watch here at wristreview.com!

  • Neal Goodacre

    I have a Citizen Eco drive diver.

  • Thanks for the contest Fjord watches. I like the look of a big watch as long as the face is clean looking and not all cluttered up. This is a nice looking watch.

  • Jason T

    I have 15 assorted Quartz watches.

  • Gyl Pat

    I’d love to add Fjord to my ‘watches family’ which has 5 members so far.

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I have 8 quartz watches in my collection and I really like this watch. Good luck to everyone.

  • Park-Ward

    Very nice and neat watch, tho I find the sub-dials a tad too small. They could reach the indices…

  • Pollenus Jacques

    I own 18 watches.5 of them are quarts driven: two Seiko’s,a Rodania,a Festina chronograph and one Thermidor.

  • Paul Kay

    I don’t have a watch at the moment 🙁

  • Randy Torres

    Lovely watch, would be proud to wear it!

  • Hope

    I “hope” I win! 🙂 I own 10 quartz watches.

  • Nicholas John Dawson

    I have over 40 quartz watches of varying makes, mostly Rotary & Avia.

  • Alvin

    Most of my watches are mechanical although I have a single Steel Blaze quartz watch that I received as a gift.

  • Tom York

    I have the grand total of two.

  • Jon Walmsley

    I own a Chris Ward quartz watch, but that’s it.

  • Rick

    Nice clean looking watch with a very clean elegant look. I’d love to wear it!

  • Cory

    Love the really clean and classic look to this watch.

  • Huyen Tran

    I don’t have a quartz watch

  • Ivan Kiskinov

    Nice classic design with sports and adventure notes duh.With this clock Fjord AGNA Chronograph FJ-3013-02 Watch will be comfortable in any company while not compromising and impeccable quality and craftsmanship are second to none needed!

  • Jason F

    I have three Quartz watches. A Daniel Mink, a Sector, and a Seiko. Love them all. This Fjord looks great.

  • Incredibly clean, and appreciate the move toward offsetting calendar functions from the winding stem.
    Nice symmetry!
    Novice collector at the moment with only 8, and 2 tourbillon.
    Cheers ~

  • Samantha Hill

    I don’t own any quartz watches

  • Filip

    I currently don’t own any quartz watches at the moment.

  • Mike

    Super clean design, love it. Own three quartz watches, two by Tissot and one Seiko.

  • I own two watches of which both are quartz. They are a Zeitner Commando and a Citizen Eco drive.

  • Here are probably a lot of people that will say how many watches they have and why they want this one, so I don’t think I will win this watch because I can’t tell you how many I have – cause I have none. Why? Cause I can’t afford them. I think I would be a fair winner of the contest because I don’t think someone that already has a lot of cool watches should get another one, but someone like me without any at all deserves it more since it’s more special to that person.

    However, I really love the smooth design of this watch and would love to win.

    I’d of course also be willing to write a review for this website on it and make a review video on my channel (2,4k subs).

    -Leon Geitmann

  • Gabor Revesz

    I’d like to own this beautiful watch even if it has brown strap on. 😉

  • peter

    Nice and clean looking dial and watch
    43 mm case is perfect size for today style I do own only one quartz watch so
    this one will be nice addition to my collection.

  • mats

    I got a brathwait quartz watch for my birthday, really enjoy it. Got it with blue straps but like the brown leather straps also. This fjord watch with the leather straps and a clean setup looks nice as h…! I would be a proud owner. Mats from Norway

  • Matt

    My wrist is in love! I really like the brown strap and clean look – it would certainly go well with a white shirt and a pair of jeans.

    This would actually be my first watch if I win. I am currently saving for an Air-King model.

  • Tom

    I have 5, and would like to expand my collection with this one!

  • Mathias Michael

    I have 3 quarz watches. Would be reat to own this Fjord.

  • jody edge

    Would make a nice addition to my original grain.

  • Navid

    I own 9 quartz watches. I hope this one could be my 10th.

  • hatster

    All the fuss about the new Apple watch keeps missing the point – a watch for may people is about the design, passion and soul. Watches like this FJORD are why many of us shrug off the idea of wearing a smart watch. We simply want a timepiece that tells the time. Beautifully.

  • Scott W

    I have 7 quartz watches. Thank you for this Giveaway!

  • xerosh


  • Pavel Lokman

    I have 3 watches 🙂

  • Leo

    I own 6 quatrz watches.

  • aidan louis

    Love Chronographs. Own 4 of them.

  • Tassos Papadiamantis

    Hi all! I am a new watch fan and I own 2 quartz watches (1 being a fjord!) and I would love to do a review on a new one!