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H1 Movement

Jonathan Kopp: What caught my eye in the last pieces is the fact that they are very fashionable but yet use high-end movements. Would you agree that now HYT is a perfect mix of fashion and technology?

Vincent Perriard: The H2 movement has been completely redesigned by Papi and his team (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) to offer hardcore collectors something to really sink their horological teeth into. The absence of a dial and the displacement of the bellows to a “V” position opens up the watch to reveal the intoxicating work of this APRP-HYT collaboration. It’s a state of the art timepiece that has a bold design to fit perfectly with fashion.

Jonathan Kopp: Is there anything you would like to highlight for the WristReview readers related to your current models?

Vincent Perriard: If you like groundbreaking innovation in the watchmaking world, welcome to HYT!

Jonathan Kopp: Let’s talk now about the future and your various market. As your brand is a niche brand, which are your largest markets currently?

Vincent Perriard: We have now about 40 POS around the globe. The brand is working well everywhere but intensively in the USA, Turkey, Brazil, Hong Kong and soon Singapore (we are opening our Asia subsidiary there in about 2 weeks).

Jonathan Kopp: As I can understand your current strategy but looking forward, what are your goals for the company over the next few years?

Vincent Perriard: We have ideas for the next 5 years. As you might have read in the press, we welcomed a legendary Master Watchmaker, Dominique Renaud in the HYT team. The significant partnership with Dominique Renaud will allow both parties to further explore their passion for fine watchmaking and technology of fluids bringing evolution and new developments to the industry. To this effect, Dominique Renaud’s mandate will be to lead HYT’s Fine Watchmaking department and Special Projects in Neuchatel.

Jonathan Kopp: It’s also important, that we will finish by mentioning the future… First, the future of the models. You probably have already ideas about future complications to come in the next models and maybe the H3… What can you tell us?

Vincent Perriard: Come and visit us to Baselworld 2015, it would be THE state-of-the-art piece to see! The H3 will be a watch with a special shape. The partnership is developed with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi and overseen by Giulio Papi (as for the H2) as well.

Jonathan Kopp: Obviously, over the past couple of years, changes in the global economy have had a significant impact on the watch industry. Aside from the changes in the economic climate, what do you see as the most significant challenges for many brands over the next few years?

Vincent Perriard: I am convinced we are facing a mentality change that will give more space for niche and independent brands that are not afraid to bring groundbreaking innovations in the sector. Our clients want to be and feel really unique. They are looking for very surprising and bespoke products that fit with their personalities. It’s why smallest brands need to propose something really different. To find its real “differentiation” is the main difficulties.

Jonathan Kopp: Do you consider yourself a watch collector? If so, what would one find in your collection today?

Vincent Perriard: No. I love watches, I love complex movements but I don’t have the need to collect them. I have some Audemars Piguet watches and Panerai… But I am not a true collector. More of a watch Fan!

Jonathan Kopp: What do you personally look for in a timepiece?

Vincent Perriard: Complexity, Design. I love strong and technical watches. A watch that reflects your mood.

Jonathan Kopp: Finally, what do you feel is the next big trend in the watch industry?

Vincent Perriard: Very difficult… For sure the Smart Watch will be around but it will « only » take the entry price level market (100 – 1,000$). Above this, people will keep seeking for tradition, craftsmanship, authenticity, heritage. character and personality. It has to match my state of mind.

Jonathan KoppMr Vincent Perriard, Thanks a lot for taking your time. It was a real pleasure…

Vincent Perriard: It’s my pleasure, thanks a lot for this interview.

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