Introducing Pursuit Watches

By Jovan Krstevski

I like crowdfunding projects simply because the creators are always accommodating and bound by rules. Plus you get to be surprised when you start receiving one of your backed projects. Certainly there could be risks like projects not being completed or extended time completion but like all investments, when you taste the fruit of patience, it pays off. Without further ado, let me introduce to you Pursuit Watches. Pursuit Watches lives on one very strong theme, being bold.

As part of their mission that is to inspire and enable people to live boldly, the Pursuit Fund is all about the team’s passion which is the driving force that simply propels their business. Plus considering that the Pursuit Watches are really affordable, I see no reason not to support the Pursuit Fund. Once the fund reaches $5,000 one of the customers will get the chance to put the fund towards a dream of theirs. If they are passionate enough to build high-quality watches using the high-quality materials, wouldn’t you be bold enough to bet on this project?


I love how the Pursuit Watches are made, no-nonsense philosophies, just plain good quality that is really built to last at least that is what the team promises. For the love of watches, I’ll just throw a few opinions here and there for your reading pleasure after all, it’s a free world.


The watches are stylistic if not bordering the lines of classical expensive higher-end of the scale. At 41 mm, the Plated 316L Stainless Steel case is rather at its standard size and being just 7.5 mm, it’s pretty thin. There are five styles to choose from in the production, but obviously they are just changing the colors. Personally I would really like to have the Pursuit White and Silver combination since the Pursuit Black on Black is just too black in my taste. I’m a practical person so if I couldn’t read time in low lighting ambiance, then what’s the use, that’s why glow in the dark materials have been invented for that matter. Nonetheless, the case sports a bold design, simple and authoritative. To last a lifetime, the team opted for a sapphire crystal for absolute protection. The bezel and the lugs are married so gorgeously, but I’m not so fond of the crown, it’s a bit undersized when compared with the whole case. However, I do love the cool leather straps.


The dial is quite refreshing, so manual and so cool. The Pursuit Black and Gold variant exemplifies the classic effect meant to be used for formal occasions as it looks so stunning leaving the Pursuit White and Silver for the daily grind, more readable and just a plain good old looking classic watch. The hands are minimalistic with a traditional look with no seconds hand, again this is very bold banking on the fact that you don’t need to rely on instruments to time your seconds.


The movement is a Swiss Ronda 1062 which is known for durability. I don’t know if they have made stress tests or if they have subjected the watch to extreme daily usage but judging from the quality materials used, I bet this watch could really withstand the tests of time at least one’s lifetime. The watches are priced at $89 if you commit and at $159 retail price, it’s just too good to pass up.  It’s a good, simple and powerful watch. If you like this collection and you commit, you’re likely to receive yours by early January next year. Good luck!

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