Introducing The Aventi Enygma Opal PMT™ Watch

Aventi goes beyond simply bejeweling a timepiece, featuring a watch with an iridescent Opal PMT™ case.


Remember watches that go back a couple of decades or more? They arguably look dated compared to today’s offerings. Perceptions change. Back then, the Breitling Chronomat or Omega Seamaster seemed cutting-edge. Today, they feel almost tame. We tend to think our beloved watches were always like this, but back then, things were different. The watch industry needs to constantly move forward or sink. It thrives on innovation, with bursts of revolutionary genius that disrupt the status quo and usher in a new era. Enter 2024 and change is in the air with Aventi leading the charge. Known for introducing new innovative materials to watchmaking, the Aventi Enygma Opal PMT™ is the next chapter in this story. Much like their previous watches, it’s a watch that breaks the mold, not just with its enigmatic, light-shifting Opal PMT™ case, but with its commitment to innovation and accessibility. The Enygma boasts a complex, skeletonized dial showcasing a Swiss-made tourbillon movement, demonstrating a commitment to high-end watchmaking.

Opals have allured people for centuries, their iridescent dance of colors is reminiscent of a starry night and it’s not everyday that you come across a watch with its case made of something like opal entirely. But natural opals are delicate, they’re not exactly ideal for an everyday watch. That’s where Aventi steps in. They’ve created a new proprietary substance they call ‘Opal PMT™’, a groundbreaking material that captures the opal’s beauty while boasting serious toughness. It’s 80% silica and 20% of their own special polymer, making it far more durable than its natural counterpart.

Aventi’s new signature Opal PMT™ case doesn’t just offer unparalleled durability; it enchants with its visual splendor, thanks to the unique lightplay properties of the material. With substantial case dimensions of 44 mm X 49 mm and 14.5 mm height, each watch’s case has its own distinct pattern, color play, and character, thanks to the 124 edges and 92 facets complexity, making each watch a true original.

It’s nice to have a watch that’s truly unique where not even two Aventi Enygmas are ever the same. It’s a refreshing departure in a world where everything is mass-produced and identical; the Enygma stands out as a beautiful exception. To further add visual intrigue and practical functionality, the dial with Atomosis™ finishing is entirely coated with Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9, a luminescent material that guarantees long-lasting glow.

The Enygma Opal PMT™ isn’t all about the case material either, every detail is meticulously crafted. The skeletonized dial lets you peek into the heart of the watch, a hand-wound Swiss-made movement with a tourbillon; a high-end complication that counters the effects of gravity on timekeeping. Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal protects the front and the back while sapphire crystal hands along with a luminescent dial translates into clear readability even in low light. Water resistance is 50 meters.

Powered by the hand-wound Swiss Tourbillon movement GT-01S, Enygma features a solid 105 hour power reserve. The movement with perlage finishing is visible through the sapphire crystal case back. While pretty, it’s also tough as nails, boasting a movement that can shrug off shocks up to 5000 G and laugh in the face of magnetic fields reaching 2000 Gauss; so you can go about your day without walking on eggshells.

It comes on a polar white FCR strap, and a Grade 5 titanium clasp that complements the timepiece. Aventi hasn’t publicly disclosed the pricing for the Enygma Opal PMT™. However, due to the complexity of the Opal PMT™ material and the meticulous two-year creation process, production is limited to only 10 pieces annually and thus it’s available through an invitation-only process.