Biver “Catharsis” Only Watch 2023

A fusion of art, craftsmanship, and timekeeping excellence.


The newest creation from Biver, the Catharsis watch, focuses on the emotion that comes from creating something beautiful. The Biver Catharsis defies convention. It has no visible time display and instead focuses on the beauty of the dial and movement.

Catharsis is a one-of-a-kind interpretation of the minute repeater Carillon tourbillon, where time is hidden from view. It combines extraordinary hand craftsmanship with an innovative approach to gem-setting, stone marquetry, and guilloché techniques. The horns are welded, and the 42mm x13.9mm titanium case has a concave bezel and polished back. Water resistance is 50 meters.

The dial in the lower section resembles an agitated sapphire sea. A sunset of meteorite, silver obsidian, and opal depicts a starry sky in the dial’s upper portion. The Catharsis has a platinum tourbillon housed inside a titanium tourbillon cage and a micro-rotor in its 374 parts automatic minute repeater carillon movement. It has a 72-hour power reserve.

It comes paired with a hand-stitched leather strap. The Catharsis is a limited edition of ten pieces. The watch will be auctioned off at this year’s Only Watch Auction.