Introducing The Mido Ocean Star 200C Trilogy Watches

Mido introduces three handsome and affordable dive watches.


It’s been a while since we’ve covered a watch from Mido. It would be easy to forget that this company exists with the amount of noise in the watch industry in general, let alone from all the other Swatch brands currently operating. Mido’s Ocean Star watches generally offer good bang-for-buck values and are also handsome to boot. These new models appear to follow that and to good effect.

The main appeal of the new Mido watches are the colours available. Mido says these have been “inspired by nature”, which is generally where colours come from. You can get them in blue, green or grey, whichever floats your boat. The watches come with a ceramic bezel insert which is colour matched to the dial, a neat touch that will ensure the watch looks fresh for years to come. A matte dial means the colour stands out, but there is some wave-like rippling there to ensure the dials don’t end up looking boring.

A day and date window are included, as are markers and hands filled with SuperLumiNova, all the touches of modern luxury sports watches. Inside the 42.5mm x 12.3mm stainless steel case is the Powermatic 80 calibre, but in this instance, Mido calls it the Calibre 80 for some reason. We’ve discussed this recently, the movement is made by ETA (which Swatch owns) and is placed into watches made by brands on the more affordable end of the Swatch Group’s brand list. This standardised movement keeps costs down, passing on the savings to the consumer. The movement runs at 3HZ and will keep time for 80 hours. The stainless steel case will ensure this movement is accurate down to 200m below sea level, too.

Presented on a stainless steel bezel, all three of these models will cost you €990.

Visit Mido here.