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The Sequential Two − S200 features MCT’s signature prism display, for the first time in a round case. The innovative time display and impeccably crafted case exhibit all of the key design elements that established the Swiss brand’s reputation, including a sapphire ring around the caseband.

The automatic-winding movement with 18K gold micro-rotor was developed in-house by MCT. Highly legible hours are indicated by four modules, each comprising of five triangular prisms. The current hour is highlighted by an open ‘window’ in a ‘C-shape’ arc around the center of the dial, which is relief- engraved with « Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps » (MCT).

The ‘C-shape’ arc rotates sequentially 90° anticlockwise to highlight the new hour, while minutes are displayed 360° around the full perimeter of the dial. The combination of over-size hour numeral and central minutes offers an extremely legible time indication.

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch   watch releases

The lower mass of the micro-rotor requires less force than a traditional full-size rotor. Visible through the display back, the beautifully hand-finished black movement bridges offer an eye-catching contrast to the warm glow of the red gold eccentric weight, screws and mainspring chaton.

In just over a year, MCT has realized a comprehensive verticalization strategy and now controls all essential stages of their production process, including movement design through to final assembly.

With its captivating displays and no-compromise design, the Sequential 200 reinforces MCT’s lofty position in high-end contemporary watchmaking.
The Sequential Two − S200 is available in red gold with dark dial elements or white gold with light dial elements.


Sequential Two − S200 in depth


MCT places a very high emphasis on design; design not just in the broader sense of the overall look of each timepiece, but also in meticulous attention to the tiniest of details. While often unnoticed, it is MCT’s uncompromising design philosophy that sets them apart; that and of course their visually-arresting cases, innovative displays and high quality craftsmanship !

And thanks to the importance placed on the overall design architecture and design details, every model in their collection is immediately identifiable as MCT through their distinctive lugs and sapphire crystal ring around the caseband.

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch   watch releases


Hours: The Sequential Two − S200 features MCT’s renowned prism hour display as well as 360° seconds. The hour modules enable highly legible over-sized numerals. Each of the four hour modules comprises of five triangular prisms, which rotate to display one of three numbers. The current hour is indicated by the open mouth of the ‘C-shape’ arc around the center of the dial, which also masks the non-current hours. The current hour displays sequentially in an anticlockwise direction.

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch   watch releases


Sequential Two’s automatic winding movement was developed in-house by MCT’s, which ensured that the movement exactly met expectations in terms of design, performance, finish and quality. The 18K gold micro-rotor enables a very slim movement and case, making for a comfortable fit on the wrist (and under cuffs) as well as harmoniously pleasing case proportions. The uni-directional micro-rotor offers another advantage in that it requires less force to rotate than a conventional rotor.

While few are not likely to get excited by the subject of gearing, Sequential Two’s owner may appreciate the fact that the movement benefits from the latest advances in teeth profiles on the gears. The high efficiency gears mean less energy wasted in friction losses, higher and more consistent power to the regulator for higher precision and a longer power reserve.

The stunning black movement bridges visible through the display back offer a high contrast backdrop to the red gold of rotor, screws and mainspring chaton. While the black movement may appear at first glance to be ‘minimalist’, no fewer than 507 components required in its construction bear testimony to the complexity involved. The black of the bridges and plates serves to subtlety reinforce the hand finishing of the “côtes de Genève”, perlage and hand-beveled edges.

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch   watch releases

Case and crystals

While the Sequential Two is MCT’s first model housed in a round case, it is immediately recognizable as by MCT thanks to the strong DNA running throughout the collection. Although the sequential prism hour display might be the most obvious visual clue to the Sequential Two’s thoroughbred providence, the distinctive lugs are another.
And the caseband harbors yet another MCT trademark, one more subtle but no less impressive: a sapphire crystal ring that ascetically lightens the case and quite literally lightens, as in allowing light into, the indications, complication and movement.

The top sapphire crystal is not simply placed on a bezel, but is stepped down and invisibly screwed to the case, dispensing with the bezel entirely. This may seem a simple detail, but is further proof of MCT’s uncompromising approach to design. With the sides of the crystal replacing the bezel on top of the case, the timepiece appears slimmer and the transparent sides, in conjunction with the sapphire caseband ring and display back, allow light to illuminate the displays from nearly every angle.


MCT: Verticalization strategy bearing fruit

MCT’s parent company, Cage Holdings doesn’t do things by half and, in just over 12 months, they have transformed MCT by undertaking a successful verticalization strategy. MCT now benefits from both a sister component assembly company and a movement design company.

The latter being the company that developed MCT first movement for the Sequential One as well as the MCT-S2 automatic movement for the Sequential Two.

Under cage Holdings, in just over a year, MCT has been transformed from a niche brand with just a few employees to a small group with over 40 employees and there are more acquisitions in the pipeline.

This verticalization differentiates MCT from the majority of small high-end brands in that MCT controls the production process rather than relying on 3rd party suppliers. The MCT-S2 automating winding movement in the Sequential Two is just the first fruit of what promises to be a very productive tree.
Case and crystal: Because the sapphire crystal is stepped down, replacing the bezel and opening the dial to maximize light and visual access, it was a challenge to insert the sapphire window around the caseband.

Design: Excellent design in watchmaking has become much more important and MCT places a premium on superlative design. No comprise on design is an essential element of the MCT philosophy.

Technical Specifications

Large hours by sequential display of four prisms; central minutes
Hour prisms: three numbers on each, each hour module composed of five prisms

Mechanical movement developed in-house
Automatic winding with 18K gold micro-rotor
Balance frequency 2.5Hz/28,800vph
Hairspring with Breguet terminal curve
Power reserve: 40 hours
High efficiency gear tooth profiles
Hand-polished bevels and “côtes de Genève”
No. of components: 507
85 jewels.

18K red gold or 18K white gold with sapphire ring around caseband
Diameter 44.6 mm, height (in center) 14.5mm diameter
No. of components: 43
Sapphire crystals: double anti-reflect coating on top crystal, anti-reflect coating on display back crystal
Sapphire crystal inset in caseband
Water resistance: 30 meters/ 3 ATM/ 100 feet

Strap and clasp
Alligator leather with anti-allergy inner lining; double hand-stitched; 18K gold and titanium double- folding clasp

Warranty: Two-year manufacture’s warranty from date of purchase

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