By Meor Amri Meor Ayob

Very clean design watch which is not unexpected from Nomos Glashütte. I like the concept and it would make an excellent dress watch.

The watch is 40 mm wide with domed sapphire glass. A screwed-down sapphire crystal back and crown gives it a water resistance to 200 metres.

The Nomos Glashütte Ahoi is available with or without a large date indication at 6 o’clock, and features a small red second hand. The hour and minute hands have a SuperLumiNova inlay for improved visibility, and the watch comes with a waterproof textile strap.

The Ahoi (without date indication) is powered by the automatic ε (Epsilon) calibre movement, while the Ahoi Datum is equipped with the ζ (Zeta) calibre – both built in-house by Nomos.

  • Rob

    Sometimes you want a flashy watch. Other times a clean simple design can be far more elegant. I would definetly sport this watch.

  • Roman

    Very nice!

  • Chris Wells

    I am lucky enough to have a couple of really nice Omega’s. One given to me by wife to be as a wedding present, and a vintage 1960’s dress watch. I have been searching for a long time for a watch such as this. it is masculine without being hefty, elegant without being feminine. The attention to detail and the workmanship are without question as good as any watch you will find for twice the price. This class of watch is timeless and would be something to hand down to a family member. I have no doubt that Nomos watches will appeal to those individuals who dont want to shout about their wrist candy, but for whom the quiet and certain knowledge that they are perhaps wearing one of the most understated, beautifully simple and elegant timepieces available. This watch will last and last and last. I have no doubt. Bauhaus design, like Art deco with the Reverso are so rare in a watch design. I just know , having aspired to so many watches for so long that this is in fact the one. I am putting my order in!

    • Hardjoe

      I was wondering- did you finally get the watch. And if you did, maybe we could get a user’s review from you?

      Do wear your watch in good health.