PATTON-HARKEN Regatta watch

PATTON and HARKEN watches are proud to present the result of their collaboration: the PATTON-HARKEN REGATTA watch, specially designed for pleasure boaters, and in particular regatta racers and gentlemen sailors.

HARKEN tasked the famous watchmaker brand PATTON WATCHES with developing an analogue regatta watch, to meet the demands of sailing enthusiasts.

The brands PATTON and HARKEN, renowned in the world of pleasure boating and through many nautical events, jointly developed technical specifications, drawing on advice from many professional sailors, enabling them to produce a top-of-the-range watch packed with all the features required for regatta racing.

This watch needed to be not only functional, but also attractively designed, to be worn in all circumstances, while preserving the legendary solidity of PATTON brand timepieces and the recognised quality of HARKEN products.

Release of the PATTON-HARKEN P42R watch: beginning of May 2013 in PATTON brand sales outlets

Technical Specifications
  • 2 dials available: Black or brushed steel dial.
  • Bead blasted, titanium effect, 316L stainless steel case.
  • Screw-down crown.
  • Screw-down back.
  • Straps: Rubber integrated to case, or nautical leather.
  • Countdown adjustable according to departure procedure: 10mn, 6mn, 5mn or other.
  • Second and third chance, if first or second answering pennant missed.
  • Automatic zeroing in case of general recall.
  • Countdown and departure with buzzer.
  • Automatic timing after departure.
  • Alarm.
  • Water resistant to 100 metres.
Published by WatchMundi