Speake-Marin Triad

Triad – celebrating the symphony of life

Triad is the first piece in Speake-Marin’s Mechanical Art collection and features triple hour-minute indications over a superb open dial, all set in a steel case crowned with a regal red gold bezel

Once might be lucky, twice a coincidence, but three times is a pattern. Three is a number heavy with symbolism and meaning; three encompasses beginning, middle and end; birth, life, and death; past, present and future.

Triad by Speake-Marin − the first piece in a new Mechanical Art collection − celebrates the number three with triple hour-minute indications over an open dial revealing the mechanical art within. Eye-catching, heat-blued Foundation-style hands pirouette in formation over gilded topping-tool-shaped wheels forming the points of an equilateral triangle around a smaller central topping-tool-shaped seconds wheel.

The golden wheels stand out in stunning contrast against the hand-finished movement plate, which has been rhodium plated to provide a distinguished lustre. Indications and their mechanics are harmoniously framed by gold text around the perimeter of the dial and the 18k gold bezel.

Striking white, three-dimensional applied numbers mark the hours at the four Cardinal points of the dial: 3,6, 9 and 12.

In music, a Triad is a three-note chord. Three notes played simultaneously to provide a single sound rich in emotion, depth and meaning and this is exemplified by ’3 NOTES 1 MEANING’ written around the bottom right of the dial ring.

Turning Triad over, the opulent, esoteric symbolism of the dial side is balanced by the restrained monochrome technicality of the Eros 2 automatic winding movement. The silver and grey of the movement is punctuated in an explosion of colour by the bright blue mystery rotor in the form of Speake-Marin’s iconic topping-tool motif.

Naturally for a watch called Triad, the automatic winding rotor has three arms. Bold text around the perimeter of the case back is in three sections: Speake-Marin − The Piccadilly − Limited Edition of 88.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the number 3 throughout history: All of the major religions place importance on 3; the Chinese believe 3 to be a perfect number; there are 3 primary colours (red, green and blue); in numerology 3 symbolises growth; in mathematics 3 is both the first Fermat prime and the first Mersenne prime; and the totality of human capability can be summarised by the triumvirate of Thought, Word or Deed.

Triad is a limited edition of 88 pieces in stainless steel with 18k red gold bezel.

Technical Specifications
Hands and dial
  • Hands: 3 x hour and minute Foundation-style hands in heat-blued steel
  • Central red gold topping-tool wheel rotates in 60 seconds
  • Outer black dial with white Roman numerals in relief, all hand finished
  • Text in red gold lacquer
  • Central dial: Circular-grained, rhodium-plated
  • Calibre Eros 2 automatic-winding mechanical movement
  • Dimensions: 30.40mm x 4.35mm
  • Power reserve: 120 hours
  • Jewels: 35
  • Twin barrels
  • Frequency: 28,800vph / 4Hz
  • Blued Speake-Marin signature ‘topping tool’ mystery winding rotor
  • 3 black ‘Triad’ wheels and 3 gilded ‘Triad’ wheels
  • 6 pillars in copper beryllium (Cu Bu 2)
  • ‘Triad’ top plate circular-grained, rhodium-plated
  • Iconic Piccadilly stainless steel case and 18K red gold bezel
  • Three-piece case construction
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 13mm
  • Water resistance: 3atm/30m/100’
  • Front and display-back sapphire crystals treated with anti-reflective coating
  • Case-back circumference engraving: “Speake-Marin – The Piccadilly”, “Limited edition of 88”
  • Speake-Marin pleated crown
  • Natural alligator leather strap with ecru stitching, featuring red gold tang buckle
Published by WatchMundi