Pre-Baselworld 2018: TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Manufacture 43mm Watch

By Carl Scutt

Did You Know Carrera Was 50?

Like a fine wine or excellent single malt, time is needed to produce a real classic like the TAG Heuer Carrera. Amazingly it’s now a 50-year-old and unlike many of us fragile humans it’s only getting better with age as TAG unveiled their Pre Baselworld 2018 in-house offering.

For anyone reading my previous ramblings you may remember I’ve touched on the evolution of classics and cited a couple of examples such as the Omega Seamaster and Breitling Superocean.

If you haven’t read them I don’t hold it against you but I suggest you do, honest, I’ve got some exciting points to make.

Baselworld 2018 Cometh

Okay so, Baselworld 2018 is set for March 22 to 27 and TAG have something to show us that they think might just peak our interest, so what’s it all about?

Let’s start at the beginning when the Carrera was introduced in 1964 as a chronograph developed for motor racing and unveiled to the world at the most dangerous road race of its time, the Panamericana in Mexico. This, of course, was a decade social movement and opulence in some cases with celebrity endorsements. It started a long-standing relationship with sophistication and excitement from the likes Steve McQueen that still holds firm today with multiple sporting celebrities, to Hollywood ‘A-lister’ like Leonardo DiCaprio.

So What’s New?

Well okay, the Carrera may have taken various forms and incorporated many innovations which is something to be proud of but this year TAG is introducing a newly developed Calibre Heuer 02.

Over the years TAG has used the strategy of the modular movement construction to introduce variations based on their best selling Carrera Heuer 01 collection, but now things are changing.

This year TAG has made a change. Tell me this, did you know the Carrera Heuer 01 was produced by TAG but based on the Seiko 6S37? Frankly, I was surprised but don’t let that bombshell disturb you because there is some splendid news.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 now has a genuine in-house movement! The collection is offered in a 43 mm case although some commentators expect a 45 mm version sooner rather than later. Although some things never change, while others do, so it’s not necessarily bad news.

The case remains angular in shape and of a construction that allows for customization or at least the ability to offer edition upon edition with minimal expense. There’s also less room for a chance of failure through the introduction of new and untested parts. As usual, all the elements of the watch case come together to create a lovely piece anyone would be happy to wear.

The Details

The modular construction means the new watch can and indeed is being launched with five different flavours. All of them are built with an integrated automatic chronograph movement, 80-hour power reserve, activated by a column-wheel and a vertical clutch, operating at a 4Hz frequency.

Let’s take a look at the variations on offer: There’s no easy or eloquent way to list the variation so let’s just get it done.

Option 1

Case: Steel

Bezel: Black

Dial: Black with Silver sub-counters

Middle-lug elements: Black

Strap: Brown leather

Option 2

Case: Steel

Bezel: Blue

Dial:  Blue with Silver sub-counters

Middle-lug elements:  Steel

Strap: Blue leather

Option 3

Case: Ceramic

Bezel: Black

Dial:  Black with silver sub-counters

Middle-lug elements:

Strap: Ceramic

Option 4

Case: PVD steel

Bezel: Carbon

Dial:  Black with black sub-counters

Middle-lug elements:  Carbon

Strap: Black rubber

Option 5

Case: PVD steel

Bezel: Pink gold

Middle-lug elements:  Black

Strap: Black rubber

Although at the time of writing the prices for these pieces have not been released, it’s a general guess around the campfire that they’re going to come in at around $5,300, so you better start saving. For more info, visit TAG Heuer online.