Pre-SIHH 2019: Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Watch


Ressence is among the few brands which have transcended the barriers of conventional mechanical timekeeping to create unique and innovative products which present a refreshing new perspective on measuring time. Last year during SIHH 2018 Ressence introduced a concept watch showcasing their latest invention the e-Crown, a smart mechanism which would enable the watch to automatically adjust the time always (even with no power reserve in it) without using a crown. So, here it is ladies and gentlemen the production version of the Ressence type 2.

While Ressence watches are quite simple and clean looking from the outside, their inner workings are quite complicated and revolutionary, to say the least. The basic drivetrain behind the Ressence Type 2 is the same intriguing combination of ETA2892 and the brands in-house ROCS module which can be found on several other Ressence models. Although quite ingenious in the first place, Ressence has once again gone ahead and made some futuristic improvements with the inclusion of an electro-mechanical system layer called the E-crown in the Ressence type 2. So how does the E-crown system function, you may ask? Well, here it is.

To start with, the e-Crown registers the time set manually using the case back lever, making it the reference time for future monitoring, setting, and adjustment. It monitors the time indicated on the dial at least once a day, based upon which the disc’s positions will be adjusted (if needed) as long as the movement of the watch is running. When the watch is not worn and the movement stops, e-Crown® will put itself in sleep mode and wake up as soon as the watch is back on the wrist. e-Crown will then automatically set the mechanical watch to the right time (based on the registered time). And if all this was not enough, Ressence made the e-Crown capable of setting the time based upon your current location with the help of a mobile-based application, making the Ressence type 2 a great watch for travelers.

As for the dial, the layout is still the familiar regulator style arrangement, with floating sub-dials for hours, seconds and day of the week at the center accompanied by a rotating minute track on the outer periphery of the dial. But there are a few differences in the way the layout has been implemented on the Ressence type 2 primarily to support the new e-Crown system. For instance, there are several cutouts at different places on the dial including the hour sub-dial which have been purposely placed to allow for light to pass through to charge the photovoltaic cells that are present underneath and power the e-Crown. The dial has been placed inside a 45mm titanium case which has been treated with an anthracite PVD coating which combined along with the black dial gives the watch a stealthy look. Sadly, the case is water resistant to a petty 10 meters suggesting that the watch should be kept away from any sort of water activity.

Overall, with the Ressence type 2, Ressence has done something they are best at, which is to create an avant-garde product that hints at the future of mechanical watchmaking. The watch would come equipped with either a fabric or leather strap with ardillon buckle and would retail at a price of $48,800. Visit Ressence here.