Project Watchgeek

We are very happy to announce a special project, that we are realizing together with Timekeeper and Wakmann.

We will create a special version of a 7750 diver.

It will be a small limited series, produced by Timekeeper and its great label WAKMANN Germany.

It will be one of their collection, out of the “by Benno Richter” series.

The whole project will be done with Timekeeper/Wakmann and for Watchgeek – as a special limited series watch for the Watchgeek Community and the Watchgeek readers.

Design-example – the final Watchgeek series may look different after customization.

The dial will come in three different dial colors; Black, White and Grey.
As its a special project, created together with our partner Watchgeek. Watchgeek will choose the final customization like dial, case-bottom and watchstrap.

Here are some watch-details:

It houses the great 7750 chrono movement, inside a 316l stainless steel case. It will be a diver watch – 25 ATM water resistant.

  • 316L Stainless steel
  • Sapphire glass
  • Luminova indices
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Screwed caseback
  • Water resistant – 25ATM (250m)
  • Various customizations by Watchgeek

For more information and for purchase visit:  WATCHGEEK SHOP

Wakmann Watch Co.


The Wakmann Watch Co. was established in New York. WAKMANN was the importer of different high quality brands for the north-american market. One of those brands and surely the most famous was Breitling. Some of them even got a double-signature and were sold as “BREITLING WAKMANN”. Parallel to the sales-business, WAKMANN started to produce his own watches after World War II.

All the watches were taken from sellers in europe and most of them from Switzerland. This time, WAKMANN already the watches of Wakmann have been with a maximum of style, quality and technicaly know-how. Specially the technical part was one of the most controlled and checked parts and highest quality was allways one of the main features. This explains, why WAKMANN watches have always been one of the favorite brands for collectors watchlovers. First of all the different Valjoux chrono-movements with ratched, like the caliber 72, 88, 730 and the very rare and seldom Valjoux 92.

Because of the really outstanding quality and the conclusive precision of the watches, WAKMANN was able to establish oneself as official producer and deliverer for the military. Next to wristwatches,WAKMANN was also the deliverer of onboard-watches for the military forces. Even the fact that WAKMANN was official producer and deliverer for the U.S. Military shows, how perfect the quality of WAKMANN watches is.

After a great history, WAKMANN is back to tie on that great story of success. Wonderfull collector’s pieces, small series and some unique watches will be produced as WAKMANN Germany.

Benno Richter

Benno Richter is well known as the Breitling specialist and writer of the famous Breitling book. Worldwide and specialy around erurope, he is very famouse as “the Breitling knower”.

His book created a new reference for collectors, specialists and watchlovers. But he is also a great watchmaker and a real master in watchmaker-art. His engineer-office of time-measuring is also very well known for its high precision and quality.

WAKMANN Germany stands for quality and highest request. Since we started, we took care that high grated technology is used to reach and exceed international standards. Due to this and because of the close solidarity of Wakmann and Breitling in the 70′s and 60′s, Benno Richter was the initiator of another successful co-operation.

As an advisor and technical leader, he is actively and decisive involved in development and manufacturing of our watches.

Thats why some of the first new WAKMANN Germany watches will be labeled as “by Benno Richter”.

Watches by Benno Richter

Since a few years, “Benno Richter” labeled wristwatches are availabel. But in the past, they have only been sold to good friends and a very small circle of some special resellers. These watches will also be available in the future and be part and complete the collection of WAKMANN Germany.

WAKMANN Germany watches are produced under maximum quality standards. Every watch is regulated under severest controll of Benno Richter. Only the best watches can pass the final controll and get his appoval for selling. Service and technical works are made at the engineer-buero of Benno Richter and contolled by himself.

For more information click on the links below:

Timekeeper Chronometrie

Wakmann Watch Co.

Torsten Nagengast

CEO & Founder on Timekeeper Chronometrie