Richard Mille RM 011 RED TPT Quartz Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

Red is the color of racing or is red really the perfect sentiment for speed? Nonetheless, red signifies urgency or perhaps sleekness when it comes to a watch. I am quite thrilled with the new release of Richard Mille who has been known to factor in limited edition watches with high significance on athleticism such as the RM 27–02 TPT Quartz Rafael Nadal watch for the tennis fans. Richard Mille also released a specific version that utilizes plenty of carbon for the boating crowd. The designs are unique and the technology is simply awesome. As for this article, I’ll just talk about the new Richard Mille RM 011 Red TPT Quartz watch, note the TPT quartz which is a quartz mineral and carbon compound produced by NTPT for boats used for racing. Simply put, it’s a very tough material.


The design of the watch is simply stunning and boldly in red. It is rather an exclamation for the “hey, look at me now” effect which is what I honestly feel the first time I see the watch. The racing DNA is well placed, it is all over the place from the seemingly invisible lugs to the sporty pushers and the bold crown not mentioning the overbearing bezel and the skeletonized dial. The starry screws on the bezel make for the technical touch, but honestly 8 screws on the bezel is an overkill. As for the smaller screws that connect the lugs and the bracelets, well they are very nice and aptly positioned for a more sporty appeal. The signature tonneau-shaped case is literally glorious in all red carbon or quartz material after all, it is the brand’s most iconic model and pretty damn expensive to say the least.

The dial is so mechanical so to speak in all its skeletonized splendor. I fancy the labeling made on the crystal, but I don’t enjoy the shadows they create when you look at the time at certain angles. I guess it is just my taste for neatness but then again, this is a mechanical racing watch that we are talking about. You can see the gears turn or forever gaze at the intricacies of the chronometers in place at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The hands surprisingly look wider but thanks to a well designed hollow space at their central bulk, they perfectly fit the overall look of the watch. Plus the red tipped seconds hand is made as pointy as a needle for better reading or for absolute accuracy.


I guess you are really paying for Swiss quality technology with this watch considering its power source which is the RMAC1 automatic movement responsible for moving the watch’s chronograph and annual calendar functions. Its 55 hours of power reserve is nothing fancy that is if you are one of the lucky few who are enjoying the higher-end watches. Needless to say, the new Richard Mille is a high-end and a very cool watch to have and with 50 pieces of this baby around lots of collectors might already be at it.

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