Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Reference SUN019P1 Watch Review – The ‘Vader-Tuna-Turtle’ or “VaTT” For Short Is A Runaway Winner With A Lot of Possibilities

By Meor Amri Meor Ayob

With the globalization on the Prospex series by Seiko earlier this year, a number of new releases were made. One of the most anticipated is the release of the diver model, the Kinetic GMT.

This model (the one I got is also referred to as the SUN019P1) was launched on March 27, 2014. It uses the same double case system as the renowned 1975 model. It is also available with a silicon strap and more colorful hands and markers (SUN021P1) or all black piece with a silicon strap and colorful hands and markers (SUN023P1).

This time, instead of getting it from the internet, I’ve decided to visit an Authorized Dealer of Seiko that I know. Within a short space of time, I got the watch, sized the bracelet and packed to bring back home.

As this model is under Seiko’s professional watch series, the box that came with the watch is not the standard that one gets. I actually expected to get a box that is typical of the Prospex series i.e. in yellow. Instead, I got a big white box with the “SEIKO” brand printed in silver that is more towards the Ananta class.

The box opens up reveling another smaller watch box. The extra spaces in the main box is used to keep the instruction manual as well as the guarantee document.

You know you got a very important model under Seiko if you find the instruction manual to be dedicated purely to your model and not shared with others.

Like most Seiko’s this unit comes with the standard one (1) year international warranty.

The inner box does not open like the first. Instead, it opens hinged at the back.

Surrounded with black velvet, you will find the watch resting on a large pillow. The top half of the box carries the brand logo prominently. Apart from the watch, there is not a lot of places left to put other stuff in.

As highlighted earlier, the SUN019P1 takes design cues from the famous Seiko Tuna watches of old. Instead of the typical straight walled sides, the SUN019P1 has taken a more modern and aerodynamic interpretation to create a ‘Tuna’ with more sexy curvature. More about this later.

With the watch comes the typical labels with information about this model including the standard selling pricing here in Malaysia at RM2,320(670USD).

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