The ‘Dorge’: A Tibetan Inspired Automatic Watch by NDRO

By Jovan Krstevski

I’ll be outright frank, the Dorge watch is an ambitious project yet I somehow hope that this brand will be successful in its endeavor because I like its concept. I come to realize that when the concept is right, no matter how hard the hurdles are, it always becomes successful.

Tibetan inspired design.

The Dorge is not your typical diver’s watch with fancy bells and whistles to show off. This watch is rather ingenious in its presentation of time and it prefers quality or simply class over robust appearance like what a diver’s watch usually looks like. I know diver’s watches and their rugged appearances ensure that they can withstand the extreme conditions for which they were designed for. The Dorge on the other hand is designed with the same core functionality but with more semblance to elegant timekeeping underwater. Don’t you just like that idea, because I really do. Nonetheless, for now I’m still doubtful because such professional watches are designed meticulously leaving no room for any error.

Not a diver, but definitely dive-capable.

I also fancy the core philosophy the watch is built upon, perfection. Quoting from the creators, they wanted to build something great in quality that can last a lifetime for a thousand dollars only. If you’re laughing, it’s understandable considering typical high spec’d watches are way over a thousand dollars particularly a diver’s watch.

NDRO 'Dorge' Front

Having observed the first model from NDRO Watches which is the Dorge, I come to appreciate the excellence of this creation. It seems that the efforts of the creators paid off with a well crafted watch worthy of every horology fan’s prying eyes.

The case is made of 316L Surgical Steel which is 45mm without crown. This material is super strong and meets the challenge of a rugged watch. The color of the case is subtle, testament to the metallurgical prowess of its creators. This can be more appreciated with the tantalizing design of the bezel which sets your eyes for a zen set-up, have I not mentioned Tibet, home of the monks? You might want to prepare a mat and do some yoga with the Dorge once you have one.


Kidding aside, the lugs are symmetrical with the side of the case that comes in 22m. The crown is screw-in type because every space counts for a diver’s watch. The dial is peaceful and at the same time bold. The branding is strong with the big symbol at the 12 o’clock and the big NDRO at 6 o’clock. I appreciate subtlety and simplicity but for the Dorge, they could have done better. Nonetheless, the overall design of the dial is simple so for a typical observer, everything seems perfect. The sapphire crystal is a great choice for this watch and the Super Luminova coated hands come in very handy.

Om mani padme hum inscribed Rotor

The movement has been meticulously selected. According to its creators, the rotor is inscribed with the Tibetan Mantra “Om mane padme hum”,  which is believed virtue, to bring virtue to all in the world by the Tibetans and a few others. The movement though is powered by Miyota 9015 typically found in micro brands. This is fully automatic with over 42 hours of power reserve and comes complete with extra features such as a hacking second and 24 jewels. This can be carefully examined through its sapphire crystal exhibition back. The genuine brown leather strap is a testament to its classic appeal and makes you wonder why you would ever take it deep into the abyss. That is why every watch comes with a black silicone strap, which is suitable for diving. They also include a free strap changing tool. For more info, please visit

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign and buy your piece.


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