Singer Reimagined x Genus 8-Track Only Watch 2023

Singer Reimagined teams up with Genus to give us the only watch in the world right now with a car driving around on it.


Singer Reimagined is the luxury watchmaking arm of the Singer Group. No, that’s not Singer sewing machines though I can see where the confusion comes from. Singer is a California-based luxury brand and is most renowned for restoring classic Porsche 911s and, in most cases, improving them and making them better to use than they were when they first rolled off the production line. Let’s face it, as beautiful as classic Porsches can be they have a reputation for being handfuls to drive for a reason.

As a part of the Singer Group, Singer Reimagined benefits from the Singer name and also the financial backing to make peerless watches. They’re renowned for using the manually-wound AgenGraph movement from Agenhor. This one doesn’t, though, as it was co-developed with GPHG-awarded watchmaker Genus for the Only Watch charity auction. Genus is known best for throwing the entire dial of its watches away and using the movement to display the essential info. If you’re up with your Instagram watch knowledge they made that watch with the snake that did a figure 8 on the dial that was doing the rounds some time ago.

You may be wondering how on Earth you read this one. There is a racing car on the dial doing a figure 8 reminiscent of racing toys of our youth, such as Scalextric. The movement of the car represents the passing of the minutes. Meanwhile, the hours are displayed by a ring moving around the edge. Singer fonts and colours make this extra unique as if the only watch with a car driving around the dial wasn’t unique enough.

The calibre GxS-23-Ru is inside this one. It’s manually wound with a 2.5Hz beat rate and 50-hour power reserve.

The folks at Only Watch expect this to sell for between 100,000 and 120,000 CHF, but, come on, it’ll definitely top that.