Sylvain Pinaud Origine Only Watch 2023

Sylvain Pinaud makes his Only Watch debut with an award-winning unique piece.


For 2023 the Only Watch charity auction is back and once again raising money for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The firm behind the auction, Only Project, says it has raised over €100m across 22 years so far, funding over 50 researchers and spawning 2 biotech firms. 2019 was the most successful year ever raising €35m for the research, mostly thanks to a record-breaking Patek Philippe watch.

This year sees the Only Watch debut of Sylvain Pinaud, an artisanal watchmaker based in Sante Croix, Switzerland. Reuge, the maker of the finest music boxes, is also based here, and it’s on the drive up to Fleurier. Sylvain Pinaud took his first step into independent watchmaking in 2018 and has been pushing the boundaries of watchmaking ever since. In 2022, a Sylvain Pinaud watch won the Horological Revelation prize in the GPHG, recognised for its outstanding quality from a new brand.

The Origine was the first piece to debut, with a chronograph following. The Origine Only Watch is unique with its two-tone guilloché dial using blue colourations. There’s also black polishing to accentuate the details, which stands out so well. But it’s the unique 13.2mm diameter free-sprung balance wheel that really catches the eye. With a 3Hz beat rate and 55-hour power reserve the buyer of this piece will surely enjoy a weekend with this piece. And thanks to the 40mm stainless steel case there’s little need to worry about bumps and dings.

The estimated sell price is between 70,000 and 100,000 CHF, but it could fetch more.