Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time 2015 Edition Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

When it comes to the world of rare collectibles the name Vacheron Constantin constantly comes up to mind simply because of their World Time Edition watches. It is, in fact, the marriage of elegance and functionality in one wholesome package that I honestly think is the reason why I am getting some jitters just thinking how the watchmaker built such a precision mechanical devices. So hands down to Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time 2015 Edition for letting us experience what it really feels to have all the time in the world in our hands. Forgive my rumblings but most of the world time watches only incorporate 24 time zones when there are 37 time zones. So yeah, I’m definitely thrilled by the new Vacheron Constantin that repeating its name sounds like a broken mantra. Nonetheless, it is this reason that makes it a precious rare collectible piece.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time 3

So what is really special about this watch aside from featuring all 37 time zones? The answer is very simple, it has to do with its incredibly built engineering dynamics. As always, the watchmaker has exemplified utmost standards in all its releases and the design of this World Time 2015 Edition is indeed superb. Mind you, you will be scared to look at it if you have no idea how to tell time through it but once you get the gist, it becomes simpler and faster than firing up your fancy smartphone. The 43.5 mm case is quite large considering that its movement is indeed a true powerhouse which we will discuss later on. Personally, the case that either comes in pink gold or white gold is truly a superb creation. The symmetry is awesome making the lugs, bezel and crown look as if one big part joined only by the leather strap.


The dial is where the magic happens with the watch, in fact, all the complications are positively centralized at the very core of the dial itself. As your eyes move further from the center, you will immediately notice the busiest part of the dial which is the city ring. The precision is astonishingly delightful and this is further improved by the inclusion of the 37 different time-zones sporting the half-hour, quarter-hour, and three-quarter-hour offsets. The map at the center which now comes in gold engraving pretty much gives you an idea of the day and night zones by technically linking to the hour ring. Note that there is also a partially tinted sapphire crystal over the map that moves with the hour ring giving the remarkable portrayal of the day and night hemispheres.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time 2

As for the movement, it still sports the same Calibre 2460 WT which is a self-winding powerhouse. At the typical 4 Hz frequency, it provides enough oomph resulting to 40 hours of power reserve. If you ask me what makes the movement special, well how about having the Hallmark of Geneva on your watch? In short, expect nothing but top notch quality with this watch. You can have it in either pink gold or white gold with matching black or brown alligator strap. By the way, the 3D-engraved map is made of solid gold sporting raised continents with a sun-brush finish and sandblasted seas. It is indeed the perfect watch for the savvy businessman.

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