WristReview’s Top 5 American Watch Companies

By Keith Bombrys

Many people will differ on who they think the top five watchmaking companies are. Most would tend to stick with their traditional companies that have been in business for a few hundred years and not even consider any of the new contenders. This list is complete in that everyone’s classic and favorite watch companies are on here along with some additions from a few of the newcomers. Now sit back, relax, read, and enjoy the Top 5 American Watch Companies who have made a huge impact on the market today.



One of the most innovative and technologically savvy watch companies on the market to date is Devon. State of the art, top of the line, ahead of its time- all great descriptions of this 21st-century deviant. This American luxury watch making company originated in 2008 by Devon Scott and holds its headquarters in Pasadena, California. The interior design of each of these watches is made up of a series of tiny microstep motors, a programmable chip, and a rechargeable battery. All of these components power the watch and move the hour and minute shingles, which can be seen through the glass casing of each piece. The modern technology used in most modern watches such as springs, wheels, and bridges is ignored and instead this company prides itself on luxury and state of the art technology such as bullet proof glass paneling as the exterior cover to each piece. devonworks.com

4. Ball Watch Co.

Ball Engineer Master II Pilot GMT on leather strap and on bracelet.

The origin and development of this watch company can be highly attributed to the growth of the railroad industry in the United States from the late 17th century until current day. After the Kipton Disaster in the late 17th century, Webb C. Ball was enlisted to investigate time and watch conditions throughout the lake shore line and later started his watch company in 1891. This lead to the development of the nightly checks on watches worn by the all of the railroad workers, in which no railroad worker could wear a watch that didn’t pass his strict inspection. This very system started the accuracy and uniformity that can be seen in watchmaking today.  From this original time integrated system, this company has gone on to be a formidable watch company, helping to lead this industry with high technology, useful, and high accuracy pieces. They have gone on to integrate watches with night reading evolution, spring lock anti-shock system, A-PROOF anti-magnetic system, and even carbon fiber pieces that continue to astonish the wearers and the industry itself. ballwatch.com

3. Bulova

Founded by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova, the company has become one of the major faces of the modern watch industry. As an immigrant in American, Bulova established himself and his company in Woodside and Flushing, New York where the innovations of this company soon became very obvious. One of the major game changers he brought into the watch world was the innovation of the Accutron Movement in October of 1960. With this technology, a 360-hertz tuning fork is used instead of a balance wheel for timekeeping elements. This created better accuracy and made watches “electronic” for the first time. Today, the company continues to grow and expand. In 2010, Citizen purchased Bulova for $250 million. Together, the two companies make up the world’s largest watchmaker. bulova.com

2. Hamilton


A Switzerland-based company that is a brand of the Swatch Group, Hamilton originated as a watch manufacturing company in 1892. As its brand continued to grow, the company went on to manufacture and produce its own pocket watches and wrist watches. The company has been very innovative in its designs of pieces and also has made itself an industry leader in manufacturing. Its product can be seen and purchased worldwide, and really made a name in the industry during World War II. During this time, the company made a mass production of Marine Chronometers which were issued and shipped to American Troops. As the top trusted watch brand of the military, their reputation became very formidable. hamiltonwatch.com

1. Niall

Another top company in the luxury watchmaking industry, Niall has the American timepiece market by its grasp. This company originated as a small startup in Kansas City and now continues to create luxury, modern watches that excite the American public. The company was formed in 2014 by a very ambitious entrepreneur named Michael Wilson. The modern look and the Swiss technology of these pieces is what drives the market to purchase the product. The popularity of this brand continues to grow, and has even been proclaimed as the #1 up and rising luxury watch company in the U.S. by many, including us. niallluxury.com