Armand Nicolet Launches The Trade In Program

By Dhananjay Pathak

How many times have you looked at a particular watch in your collection and wished if you could possibly swap it for another watch in an easy manner without getting into any hassles? Well, if you are having such a thought right now, I must say that your timing is spot on as Swiss watch brand Armand Nicolet has come with a nice watch trade in opportunity to exchange your old watch for a New Armand Nicolet watch. Let’s have a look.

Armand Nicolet is a Swiss luxury watch brand located in Tramelan, a mountain village in the Bernese Jura and has been in the field of watchmaking since 1875. Surprisingly for a brand with such great historic presence, Armand Nicolet is still a brand which is not that often talked about as compared to its competitors. We had the pleasure of visiting the Armand Nicolet during the Baselworld watch fair in 2015 and came out really impressed with what we saw. Although the brands entire watch collection is pretty diverse offering something for all kind of tastes, what makes Armand Nicolet special as per me are the watches falling under the OHM category. OHM stands for “Original Historical Movement” and watches which fall under this category are powered by movements which have been painstakingly reproduced using the historical components which were once used in the original movements.

With brand insight out of the way, let us now look at the details of the trade in program that the brand is offering. The Trade in is basically an exchange service being offered by the brand wherein Armand Nicolet will consider a customer’s existing wristwatch and in exchange will offer a brand new Armand Nicolet timepiece at a great price. This facility is applicable to watches of any type and from any brand. Here is how the entire thing works. Firstly, the interested customer needs to visit the trade in page and fill out a form with the relevant information required, along with two clear photographs of the watch which the customer is intending to exchange. Thereafter, folks at Armand Nicolet would assess the customers offer and get back to them with the best possible price the brand can offer for the new watch the customer wants to pick up in exchange for their old watch. Simple, isn’t it?

The trade in program for Armand Nicolet is indeed a great initiative which not only gives customers a great opportunity to get rid of watch that they have ended their love affair with, but also provides a great new way of experiencing a new Armand Nicolet timepiece.