Baselworld 2018: Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Watch

By Cody D. Smith

Jacob & Co. has been producing watches with all the jaw-dropping and cutting-edge designs that someone would hope to expect from a super luxury level brand, in 2016 at Baselworld, they gave the world its first glimpse at the very first watch to have two triple axis tourbillions along with a minute repeater. This year they have went up another level with their impressive watchmaking prowess and have created the Twin Turbo Furious, taking the original Twin Turbo and adding an additional and very unique complication, a decimal minute repeater. These are some of the most difficult complications to create and are known to be rather finicky, but Jacob & Co. has developed some ingenious safety features into the movement to prevent damage from occurring in the event of a shock. Lots of engineering marvels are present at a microscopic level for the owner who chooses to invest into one of these.

The speed of the tourbillions has been increased to allow for the best performance in timekeeping technology, the previous Twin Turbo took eight minutes to cover all positions while the Furious is able to do this in less than 30 seconds. The two tourbillion cages are joined by a differential that stabilizes the housing, also allowing for complete compensation by only one of the two cages in the unfortunate event of a shock. The decimal minute repeater is an audible ten-minute reminder that was developed to capture a little more simplicity to the movement, also having safety nets to protect the complications from enduring damaging in the case of the chime going off during the middle of setting the time.

It utilizes a planetary gear power reserve which is a series of differential gear mechanisms that allow for the power reserve to be read at the left-hand side and also being wound by a crank at the three o’clock position and allowing for a 50-hour power reserve. The final feature on this mechanical behemoth is the reference time indicator, inspired by motorsports lap display panels that would reference the time a driver is behind in the lap. This is all included in the new Twin Turbo Furious, a powerhouse of watchmaking technology created by Jacob & Co., a brand that continually shows how out of the box their engineers can really be. Creative freedom is at the foundation of their ideals, and they have created another mind-bending piece that will easily be talked about no matter where you go. For more info, visit Jacob & Co. online.