#BreitlingSelect, A New Watch Subscription Program By Breitling

Breitling offers an intriguing new service to get you wearing its watches.


Possibly as a reflection of the times, or perhaps a reflection of watches in stock, Breitling has come up with a new way of getting its watches onto your wrist with its new #BreitlingSelect service. It’s starting out in the USA and will go international very soon, so if the following excites you, then you (hopefully) don’t have long to wait.

Breitling’s new #BreitlingSelect service will allow you to try out up to three fully refurbished Breitling watches for 12 months. Breitling will ship a watch of your choice to your door. If you decide you don’t like it, then you can choose it back and take another one instead. If you decide you don’t like that either, then Breitling will send you one last one. 

Now, if three is the magic number (and we all know it is) and you hit it off with that watch, you can opt to purchase the watch outright from Breitling, and they’ll make you a special offer on it. 

Sounds good, right? Sounds expensive. Right. Breitling will set you up with a contract that requires a $450 downpayment with a $129 monthly fee, including the downpayment, which will cost you a total of $1998. It sounds great, and if you choose wisely, it could be a great way of buying, like buying a car on a finance plan. Of course, like buying a car on finance, it can be easy to lose yourself in it. I don’t have the full details yet, but you need to remember that to get the best value, you should buy the watch you like the most within the 12 months, as Breitling will retract the offer after the 12 months have finished.

The next countries to receive this service will be the UK, Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany.