Christopher Ward C8 Power Reserve Chronometer Watch

By Keith Bombrys

The very young yet very powerful Christopher Ward watch company is at it again. The company first made its debut on the market in 2004, and has been continuing to make an impact on the market ever since. Their goal is to sell top-end watches at fairly reasonable prices by marketing and selling only through their website, which cuts out the extra cost of the middle man advertisement.


Christopher Ward is at it again with their brand new C8 Power Reserve Chronometer. This newest edition to the vast collection of power reserve watches on the market can last a full five days before having to be rewound. It is rated to last approximately 120 hours non-stop without the need to wind the piece. This works out great for most people who work a standard five-day work week. This watch is designed not only for the working man, but also for that special dress up, button down affair. The matte-black dial has tan colored writing on the face, with a mix of red to complete the design. The watch has a 44mm case, which is certainly useful for displaying its chronometer and the power reserve dial. The chronometer is located at 6 o’clock and the power reserve meter is located at 9 o’clock, and the date is displayed at 3 o’clock. The tan and red on the face of the watch is very appealing against the matte-black of the face and case.


The C8 variation of watches is Christopher Ward’s collection of aviation watches. The design itself is actually somewhat based on the design of the Spitfire cockpit clocks. Christopher Ward’s design of aviation watches has come a long way since their early models. Though this may not be apparent on the surface of the piece, the intricate details of the inside of this chronometer will tell you different. The design and the look of this aviation piece is certainly one of luxury. This is true not only from the fine black finish on the piece, but also from the exquisite design and features of the piece.


On the back of the exhibition case is the classic, Swiss made, Christopher Ward Chronometer insignia scattered between the very visible twin barrels of the SH21 movement. Also on the back case, the twenty-seven sapphire-crystal intermittently scattered jewels can be found.


The piece is completed with a beautiful leather strap that comes in three different variations. The buyer can choose between a brown leather strap, a black leather strap, and a tan leather strap. All of the watch straps are very appealing to the make of the watch. The tan strap seems to pop the most, the brown seems to look the most formal, and the black strap is the most sporty of the group.

This chronometer is due out on the market sometime in mid-October. The piece is not only very powerful, but also gives off a very hard-nosed, classic look. The price of the piece upon release is said to be 1,550GBP.

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