Da Luca Watch Straps: Dressed for Any Occasion

By Jovan Krstevski

For a young company, DA LUCA seems to be a veteran when it comes to wristwatch straps. Started in 2009, DA LUCA now enjoys the limelight where successful companies are often highlighted for their beautiful products. In this case, we are talking about lovely straps, I mean those beautiful straps complementing the elegance of your priceless timepiece.


Going back further, I think that DA LUCA is made to excel since their clientele are of high caliber, the likes of known luxury watchmaker Panerai. They were at that time exclusive for Panerai and they were successful at it, well as for me, the association alone speaks for itself. In the horology world, this basically means excellent sales. DA LUCA expanded and they even made their own wallets and belts. Fast forward, DA LUCA not only makes wristwatch straps but other goods as well. What propels the company to success is, of course, their high-quality products. Their craftsmanship is excellent and is reflected on their custom made straps and other accessories outside the timepiece world. DA LUCA is also customer friendly and being very responsive to your clientele means more business, so yes I see why DA LUCA turned to a full blown brand in no time.


Moreover, looking at how DA LUCA does things says more of the brand’s creativity. Simply said, their approach is modern yet traditional. They are hands-on, I mean literally, each strap and accessory is made by hand in a San Diego workshop. Think about an artisan, bearded and pregnant with bright ideas as if gazing on a canvas like a painter or a modern day designer unleashing beautiful craftsmanship in all its glory making straps… I know this is far fetched but when creative products are at stake, I like to compliment it.


DA LUCA is hands-on with a blade, needle, and thread on a leather canvas and of course each product is carefully inspected before everyone can see and touch it in a showroom, nothing is more personal than this approach I believe. Yet being a modern trader, you can also see their stellar products online, now we’re talking plus looking at a brand’s online portfolio of custom-made goods seems more exciting at least for me since it allows more freedom for every millennial, Joe and Jane.


So without further ado, here are some of DA LUCA’s beautiful leather straps.


Leather Watch Strap

This is where DA LUCA excelled originally, thereby making it their benchmark. The straps are made using only high-quality leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago. Add some thickness, color, width and length to the artisan’s workflow and you know what you’re getting, a premium leather strap.


Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

Believe it or not, this leather strap takes six months to complete. It’s sourced from the best tanneries in the world such as Italy’s Rocado Tannery and Japan’s Shinku Hikaku. The Shell Cordovan Leather strap is a thing of beauty that lasts for many years thanks to its meticulous process. Available unique colors are Horween Cigar, Shinki Hikaku Red, and Rocado Racing Green.


Handmade Lizard Watch Strap

This strap uses lizard skin. Available in 9 striking colors with varying width, length, stitching, edge coating color, and stitching color. Being handmade, the lizard skin straps are truly remarkable.


Vintage French Ammo NATO Watch Strap

This strap is DA LUCA’s fast seller simply because they’re classic and very rare thanks to the use of original 1960’s French ammunition pouches. It features authentic markings and old stitching holes depending on the strap so yes, there’s a reason why this strap sells fast. You can now proudly flaunt some vintage flair on your classic timepiece with battlefront inspirations. For more info, please visit dalucastraps.com