De Bethune DW Seeking Perfect Only Watch 2023

Meteorite-infused timepiece unlocking the mysteries of time.


Is it just me, or the closer we move to the Only Watch 2023 auction date, the more unique timepieces emerge? Enter the De Bethune DW Seeking Perfect For Only Watch 2023.

The DW Seeking Perfect’s 58mm x 16mm case is hand-forged from Damascus iron and steel, sourced from Auberson, Switzerland, giving it a bold and captivating presence on the wrist and a tangible connection to nature.

The dial and spherical moon of the DW Seeking Perfect are made from a polished-blued meteorite, hailing from the crucible of the universe itself. This celestial material not only makes the timepiece visually striking but also carries great significance as a rare and precious material to be used in watchmaking.

The heart of this horological marvel beats with the Calibre DB2149, a tourbillon movement created specifically for this one-of-a-kind timepiece. This movement boasts a satisfying power reserve of 4 days and features a host of innovative technologies, including a titanium balance wheel with white gold inserts, a silicon escapement wheel, and a 30-second De Bethune tourbillon in silicon and titanium.

Among the other notable features of the DW Seeking Perfect are the spherical moon-phase indication with a precision of 1 lunar day every 1,112 years and the QR code engraved on the back of the watch.